Monday, March 3, 2014

Children furnitures

This is the company I promised to tell you about that provide affordable, but very pretty children's furnitures that we got for our oldest son's room! I know that more models are coming in, in about two weeks time, and just can't wait to see those also!
I'll show parts of Alexis' room later this week with the closet and the bookshelf that I bought from here, it's truly to die for and made the room perfect, just the cosy, beautiful, boyish feeling I wanted to create..

I also have to highlight the service they provided. I had some questions about the items and there was a number to call and I got immediate guidance - PLUS, the delivery is included in the price! I received them just four days after making the order and used their service to have someone putting them together for us since my man is working late in the evenings. Now that's what I call excellent service.

You can find them here!


  1. Hello Stina,

    Well, we have absolutely no idea about decorating childrens' bedrooms as we have never had children ourselves, but we do know about and totally appreciate excellent service wherever and whenever that may be found. That is something well worth passing on.

    We do, however, look forward to seeing your decorating ideas. Such fun this all looks to be.

  2. Yes true Jane for us it's not very important as we have neither no children and living far away...
    This is more for your Swedish readers with children! Anyway looking fowrard to seeing the result of decoration.
    Kindest regards

  3. Thanks Stina for sharing! With one boy, and another one on its way, it will be very inspiring to take part of your decoration ideas, you have exquisite taste!

    1. Ohhh, congratulations! You need to check it out! Wonderful things for your little growing family!

  4. Tack!

    Äntligen en hemsida där man kan köpa fina möbler för våra små! Ska genast titta vad de har och förhoppningsvis inreda min dotters rum med vissa saker.

  5. Please share some photos on the house meanwhile it renovates, maybe some before-after photos.
    Have a nice day!