Thursday, March 27, 2014

Getting in shape

Today I will share with you something that I longed to start with, something my body cries out for and something I think will change me and my everyday life forever.

I've never wanted to be a face for creating stress about females bodies. Neither turn this blog into a health forum or an atmosphere with diets and information about how to become skinner or anything in that direction. I think all types of female bodies are beautiful if they look healthy and happy. Curves are mind-blowing but so are thin, long legs. Small breast can be ever so elegant under a loose fitted evening dress just as much asa fuller decolltage can be so beautiful in a bikini. Conclusion is that most people have something beautiful and perfection is impossible to strive for and will drive the most healthy brain insane after a while. Food is what build us and food should be eaten. The best way to be able to eat whatever you want in normal portions, is to exercise in combination.

I've gone through two pregnancies within three years and on top of that I'm turning 35 years old next time (!!!). I took a decision a while back and made my mind clear on how I will make sure to look like in 20 years - and to be able to reach that life long goal, i needed to start now.

All of you who followed me for all these years that I've been blogging, know that I prefer home training instead of going somewhere and I still have my very loyal companion mr: Orbitreck which is now placed in our sauna/training room with some weights and a yoga carpet. Some days back, when Lady A came into our life, I decided to Orbitreck about 2-3 times per week, 20-25 min per time so it don't feel too exhausted and big and also lift some weights after. But some things, needs to be done away from home.
The thing that I've been most eager to start with and that needs personal expertise from the beginning to get it right - is Pilates.

Pilates seems to be the secret behind all beautiful bodies and I'm determent to stay healthy with curves on the right places and create long and slim muscles and a elastic and strong body. So I just bought a year card from the Pilates place in Stockholm (HERE) that has the best reputation and also booked me in on 6 (maybe more in the end) personal training sessions.
Pilates is about the small movements and it's almost impossible to just start without a little guidance in the beginning. It's possible to get a "start-class" in group training also, but I feel like a clumsy hippopotamus and really want become an expert in Pilates, so i figured it was best to get the best from the beginning. I have a feeling I will get out so much more from my Pilates exercise by doing so.

I think you are many women/men/mothers out there who just like me, are eager to get back in their own shape and that want to start Pilates but just haven't got their bump out there yes - so I figure I will make this my lifestyle and my blog is part of just that, so voila!
From now on, I will let you all follow my new life and the starting year of Pilates! I will take photos on my progress, write about it and just indulge myself (and you) in this, for me, very new life long mission.

My goal is to be a Pilates super woman!

I took my first private session this Monday, and today (when I finally can walk normal again) it's time for my second. I'm so thrilled and so excited. I want my bump back up, my legs filled with slim and strong muscles, get my body-posture back (hållning) that looks like a cheese doodle after carrying my children (and sit on the floor and play). And, just to feel energetic and strong again!

Hope you will enjoy!


  1. good for you. 35 is so young. I was in the best shape of my life at 37 and 38. The 40s make it harder…x

  2. It's wonderful for posture, that's something I've started to work on with turning 50 being just a few months away, what stuns me is how can something that looks so easy be so painful!

  3. Hey Stina,
    good decision! I started Pilates about 10 years ago and I really love this kind of workout. I have a extemely talented pilates instructor. She helped to get in the best shape ever. I like mat training but I love the Reformer! Can't wait to see your progess :-)


  4. I think pilates/yoga is "the secret." my friend who is in her 50s is a pilates instructor, such great posture and in great shape. too bad I am too lazy to start.

  5. Well done! Good for you! I started to feel like myself again when I got back in decent shape after having my son. And it is SO important looking 5,10,20 years down the road. Wish you a lovely day! //Anette,Oslo

  6. Pilates can be addictive, I started with group lesson, a year later I realised that I was not felling well when I was not going so I ask for a personal trainer and ask to have a routine specialy for me. I play golf and wanted to avoid back pain. Now I have my special routine by myself each morning and feel fine every day. No more back pain, I am sure you'll feel wonderfull inside and out in no time. Enjoy. Julie

  7. Working out is such a great way to some "Me" time and energy booster. Personally, I love a cardio workout and weight training but Pilates have always fascinated me. I'd love to read and keep up with you as you document your Pilates journey. It might give me just what I need to go do it myself! All the best!
    xx, Suzanne

  8. I think you look amazing, good luck on your journey. By the way what are the benefits of coconut water?

  9. Sounds very exciting! Looking forward to follow your progress! /A.

  10. Enjoy this time just for you!! :-) Very soon, you will buy a new Eres swimsuit as a reward for your progress ;-)) I love my Pilates lessons as well. Hugs/B.

  11. Stina who can imagine you had 2 pregnancies in 3 years with such a body!!
    Well, Pilates will help for strenght and to be still more thinner and firm but honestly you are already superb like this! In anyway it's a good decision not to stay at home all time, or shopp, or anything you will be very proud with yourself after that.
    Hugs. Uta

    1. I enjoy you ladies almost as much as Stina's blog posts. You seem to share my liking for the finer things in life. And the interaction between readers here is just fab. /Celia

  12. How interesting, I'm been thinking about taking Pilates or Yoga classes for a while now (need to get out from that stressful environment at my gym) can't believe you had children, you look great!
    Thank you for sharing, I needed a boost and there you are :-)
    It's going to be so interesting to follow you, god luck!

  13. Oh Stina, you are going to love this path you're on! Pilates and yoga gives the most beautiful physique, not to mention all the benefits for the mind and soul! Clean eating and pilates is just such a wonderful lifestyle, can you tell I love it too?! We can all share tips :-)

  14. Åh vad härligt. Jag vill också börja med pilates. Men har tyvärr inte hittat något bra ställe än. Ska bli spännande att följa din resa. kram Linda

  15. Pilates moves are useful for every person. I use to do some pilates after the lifting weights.
    Now I am in excited on Fustra (dynamisk stretching) . Fustra helps if you have problems with the muscles of back and your body is not anymore in the right position and your shoulders do not move like shoulders of a young person..I have taken now about 20 private fustra hours. I am now much move flexible and feeding better and my abdomen and lower back are now strong and fit. I am 60 yr old. Irma

  16. I think i will join this community!I gained a little bit, about 6 kilos;( till the beginning of march and want also to get in form.
    I also did pilates two years ago in a studio and since then i´m doing it (honestly very unregularly) at home!
    You´re so motivating!But honestly, you look so fit on this pics…

  17. Om det är din kropp idag på bilderna så är du ju redan ursnygg :-) Jag vill också testa Pilates som jag hört så mycket bra om och tänkte komma igång nu på SATS där jag har kort. Jag fick mitt tredje barn för nio månader sedan och det är dags att träna upp bukmuskulaturen och få bättre hållning!

  18. Your "before" pictures are what I'd like to have as my "after" pictures!

  19. Vad roligt och intressant att få ta del av din träning! Gillar heller inte gym, hemmaträning är ofta underskattat. Nu blev jag intresserad av en Orbitrek! Ja och även Pilate, finns dock ej i min lilla stad. Du kommer lyckas till 200%. Och- du är snygg redan nu! Viktigast är att man själv känner sig frisk, stark och fin både inuti och utanpå:) Heja Stina! Alexis rum är så smakfullt och fint inrett.

  20. I too agree but I like my food and wine a bit too much perhaps... I have to pay for it in the gym though. I have always enjoyed going to the gym but it depends on where you go. I like heavy weight training and I like my physique quite muscular but I can't bear your typical sweaty bodybuilder's gyms or crowded gyms like SATS where I feel looked at. Currently I'm in a smaller luxe hotel gym here in Stockholm and it's pure me time. All women deserve it, no matter if you choose to work out or spend your time reading a great novel. And no need to be apologetic, Stina, about writing about health and working out. You have one of the healthiest views on the body in general as well as your own. To be honest, even though I know what you mean when you talk about pressure on women to look a certain way, more people should work out, looks being a minor aspect though. The problems with people being overweight, having high blood pressure and blood lipid levels that are insane far outweighs (no pun intended) the amount of underweight people (even though it's far unhealthier to be underweight that moderately overweight). It's the body composition you need to look at. A heavier person that works out will in many cases be much healthier than a skinnier person not working out. Sorry for my essay (note to self: must get out more and socialise). I do hope you get back to your profession soon as I do want some luscious lips soon and I have been afraid to go to someone here as I've heard no recommendations except for you. Do let us know when you're back in business! /Celia

  21. Så fin, both inside and out, as usual :) Men du bara mååååste säga var du köpt den bikinin, snällla rara Stina (jag är kär) :))

  22. Hip envy! I want your hips! In great shape Stina.

  23. I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see how you progress! I started reformer pilates late last year and saw immediate changes to my arms, waist and stomach. I'm not very sporty but I found pilates really enjoyable and who can't become motivated when you see such great results?!

    I now do something similar called Barrecore, which incorporates pilates, yoga and ballet into one class. It's amazing! I find myself craving my next class once the initial soreness wears off! They have some online classes if you are interested.

  24. Ms't: I envy all the body of Stina including her small hips!!
    Stina you are really too modest..... Or too hard with yourself.

  25. i love the underwear. where did u buy it?