Monday, March 24, 2014

Little Buddah

Some time since I posted my youngest here. Little Leon is always a little sunshine, except when he is sick, like now. Then the nights are just so hard and I hardly look forward going to sleep. But he is bubbly, curious and strong as his father. Much more settles in his body then Alexis which I think will have more my body type in the end.
Also this little person I am so over head in love with and I need to taste him and kiss him and eat him at least 100 times per day. He is so different from his older brother and he fascinates me incredible. He truly makes me so happy, this little chubby body of joy.

But this is day to day life. Many moments on this cosy madras with his favourite Elephant from Bobles that Alexis also enjoys very much. It can be turned up side down and work as a swing.

Good Night from us!

(baby chair: Stokke)


  1. Leon is so cute also but I can i amagine how you work with these 2 little monsters.
    Hope that Lady A is helping and you can enjoy a bit of tranquility.
    I cannot imagine that you stay so beautiful, fress and so well dressed with all the work you have between house and children!
    Hugs. Uta

  2. Han är helt bedårande söt! Hoppas det snart blir bättre med sömnen. Kram Linda

  3. Vilken liten godbit! Hoppas han kryar på sig snart!

  4. Your little buddah is absolutely beautiful, as is Alexis!! Alice and I love to read about how much you adore them. There is nothing quite like that love, is there?

  5. Heyaa !! Greetings from INDIA .
    Really in love with your blog.

  6. What a gorgeous little man :)