Monday, March 17, 2014

Those 4 years

I love him. My man. 

Tonight I'm in the trans of these vibes.
And thinkning about the four years between these pictures.
My man says I haven't changed much. In my personality, who i am and mentally.
I take that as a great compliment.
Even though I know I have.

Still determent and complicated I guess.
Just to the extend for him never to get bored ...

Thank you for these years baby.
I still love kissing you and having your body close to mine so God damn much.
Let's pray for more alone time and travels just the two of us for this year.


  1. So beautiful, in both pictures- and all the time!

  2. Me and mine have had 2 boys in the same amount of time as you and your man, one day we will have our alone time.

  3. Beautiful! Love it when other couples celebrate their love to eachother. I think it´s good to say it out loud much more often than most people do!

  4. Oh beautiful stina.
    For body you did not changed. For mind, I appreciate you more and more.
    M is right. And your love will reinforce each day, years even we get older with body less firm etc. True love is like this, because we get older each other together. And each moment together alone will be a feast.
    And both of you with children are handsome.

  5. Hi, Stina. You are gorgeous! I do not think there is anything more wonderful and beautiful in life than to love someone special so passionately and completely (other than to love the children we have with that someone!). Celebrate your love everyday.
    x, Suzanne

  6. Du är så otroligt vacker och sensuell. Försöker bejaka min kvinnliga sida mer, bara för min skull för jag tycker det är så vackert. Hur det inte behöver handla om korta klänningar och höga klackar utan om en utrdtrålning. Du är en stor förebild!