Sunday, March 30, 2014

Party with children

I just bought this absolutely truly 'Stina-dress' in a super soft, knitted material from here and planning to wear it for todays party where we will be bringing the children.
I can see the dress being so useful all through spring and summer and already planning different outfits and different looks with it.
But for todays occation I'm hestiating with the shoes. My natural choice would be the dotted boots or the high Givenchy boots, but since the kids are with us I might just end up with the Hermès heels. The problem with those, is that the whole look gets too "classic" and I hate that. Classic always needs to be spiced up according to me, else it's old grandmother style and boring.
Everything with Hermés needs a twist not to get in that direction. I prefer wearing them with jeans and a fun t-shirt, maybe a trench and some nice bag.

But for today I need your advice, what would you go for?

(dress: byMalene Birger here, bag: Chanel, shoes: 1. Givenchy, 2. Rizzo, 3. Hermès & 4. Valentino)


  1. Good afternoon!

    I think go with the Givenchy boots. It makes you look elegant but still like a fun mom....:-)

  2. Dear Stina,

    I actually love the classic style so I would choose the Hermes Heels. But I understand if it's too classy for you so I would rather choose the Valentinos. The boots might be too rough. Have a nice day, enjoy it!!

  3. I can totally relate to your dilemma. I'm Miss ripped boyfriend jeans to my Chanel jackets to avoid that lady-who-lunches look. But then again, your dress is not boring nor understated so pretty much anything would work. I have never managed to appreciate those Givenchy boots (I've disliked that fold over boot ever since Chanel did some a few years ago and I have just accepted that no matter how cool they'll never be my thing) and you can never go wrong with Hermès so I would say go for them or the Valentinos. /Celia

  4. Dear Stina,
    maybe you can try another bag in a daring colour (pink?) to avoid being to "classic" with the Hermès heels...The boots seem a bit "heavy" for an indoor party with kids but i'm sure you can pull even that off!
    Have fun!!!

  5. Givenchy boots. Hermes+Chanel = maybe too much

    Have fun!

  6. why not the valentinos, and then switch to the mini black alma. or keep the hermes shoes and do the blue alma.

  7. My choice would definetely be the Givenchy boots. I didn´t really get what you meen - are they harder to walk in than the Hermes? Then I do see your point when running after children... ;)

  8. I will find funny to mix the little boots Rizzo with this dress.

  9. Little too late..but i would prefer some color. Maybe dark lilac heels, or orange/red ones. Or a bag in one of these colors i mentioned;)So the whole outfit looks more like spring!
    But of course, i´m no styling guru..haha…that would be my choice of combining this gorgeous dress!
    PS: I also started Pilates again (because of you dear Stina), thank you so much, my body is so thankful for this workout. Hope you are also enjoying it!