Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wednesday dinner

A lovely afternoon with my parents and their grandchildren. (I fell asleep on the floor in their walk in closet, tired? Me? Just slightly ...)
Mum prepared a lovely dinner and dad handled the barbecue at the terrace. After dining, we started to plan our upcoming visit to my sister in BC. Just us females again, like the good old times.
Excited might be an underestimation!


  1. Hello:

    Ah, the sight of cheese [and what looks like Cheddar] and biscuits!! Both unobtainable here in the Motherland.

  2. I would guess its either Comté or Gruyère, FInncrisp and Digestive biscuits, and maybe also some delicate Amarone in the wineglass? ;-)

  3. Oh Susanne, that sounds delicious!
    Stina, I'm glad to hear that you got some nurturing yourself at your mum and dad's yesterday.

  4. In one message you said everything that needed to be said, about life. Cheese, sleep, walk-in closet, dinner, discussion and travelling. I love all of the above. :) The only one I don't have, at the moment, is a walk-in closet. If I did, I would probably sleep there too, and have nice, wonderful dreams...:) of more clothes and cheese...

  5. Gud så mysigt mitt hjärta! ♥

    / L