Monday, April 7, 2014

Count down

It might not look that thrilling, hanging from a hanger like this. But this little nude coloured thing is blowing the proportions of a female body. I'm talking open back, loose fit at the top and then ultra tight on the bottom which is sort of held together with a zipper ... Might be one of the dresses for this weekends BCN get-away. I heard it's really warm over there, any BCN citizens/readers to approve?

(dress: here)


  1. Oh la la, looks supersexy on their webpage. Have fun! Laila

  2. Whaou if M does not come with you..... Aie aie super sexy! In BCN I dont find women very well dressed even in the good restaurants but if depends where you will go....
    Yes have fun with your mother and sister.

  3. Urläcker! Vad roligt med BCN, älskade dina bilder därifrån för några år sedan..

  4. Oh do you have the black one too, I'm sure I've seen you wearing it?
    I coud never cope without a bra, it wouldn't be pretty sight.

  5. Stina not so warm in Barcelona, same thsn hete at this time!!
    By the way I will be also aeay for one week since we also

  6. Zut it has left, i was saying I wont be here for a sunny country since next Saturday.
    I dont think that I saw your dress in black on you but I may be wrong.
    Hope to read you before Friday.
    Your Uta

  7. Dearest Stina, this is hands down: the BEST dress ever!!! Gorgeous!

  8. South of Spain this week not below 15 at night and around 23-25 daytime :-) Might be a bit more "frescito" in Barcelona, but for sure you ' ll enjoy!
    Rgds from Marbella

  9. I have a similar dress in black, it´s always my "scale" if i don´t fit in this dress…less cookies and pasta ;)
    Would like to come with you to sunny, warm Spain…Bring us some lovely pictures and stunning outfits!

  10. Hej Stina! Jag har läst din blogg i flera år och nu har jag bestämt mig att fixa hakan och käkbenen med filler. Det har inget med åldrande att göra utan jag har alltid haft lite sluttande haka och käkben som inte är så framträdande. Vilken filler och behandlare rekommenderar du som är duktig på detta i Stockholm? Stort tack för svar! /Elisa

  11. Gorgeous dress! Have a lovely and safe trip, can't wait to see the photos :-)

  12. Oh my that dress is gorgeous in all its simplicity! It is super classy and fun!

    Love, Ingrid <3