Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hotel Casa Fuster

Four years ago, Barcelona was my secret playground. The place I went to feel free, wild and to indulge everything life have to offer as often as I could.
This time I went with my mother to visit my little sister and we eat at, what I would say is some of the best restaurants in town. I had memories flushing by my eyes at most places. The craziness of life in a quick speeded lifestyle, so far from where I am in life right now.

It became more clear then ever, why I decided so passionately to document my life with all of these pictures. To never forget. To capture life's all exciting changes.

(Hotel Casa Fuster)


  1. Well, the fairy godmother wasn't mean when she was giving out looks to your family.

  2. Ni är så vackra ni tre. Både inifrån och ut <3 Kärleken er mellan är vacker ;-)

    Glad Påsk fina

  3. Vilken chic familj. Fantastiskt vackra allesammans! Och vilken PÄRLA till lillasyster du verkar ha. Grattis ;)

  4. So beautiful ladies never seen such elegant and pretty women like this in one family