Friday, April 4, 2014

Just saying


  1. Yeah, achieving good things takes such a long time. But sometimes, perfection can be done in a heart-beat. :) I usually hate to wait for things. Yesterday was a perfect example of me&my husbands take on life: we had a small chaos waiting at home, when we moved back in, after the renovation, and had to clean And unpack at the same time. Multitasking and still married. :)

    How about you? Are you more temperamental or just cool and calm, most of the time? (Oops, I think I answered my own question: I've never seen an angry picture about you, or lots of negative ideas written by you on your blog..)

    Love the quote. Made me think.

  2. Älskar dina citat. Jag har pinnat dom till min Pinterest, så klart med dig som källa. Hoppas att det är okej? ;-)

  3. Andolutely right!

  4. Just have to love this statement :) Happy friday!!

  5. Hej Stina! Har en liten fråga till dig som säkert vet svaret:)
    Undrar om du vet vad en ny Chanel 2.55 kostar ca? Tycker det
    är svårt att hitta info om detta. Stämmer ca 3000 euro??

    1. Min kostade £1600 för fyra år sedan, vet inte om det hjälper dig idag :-)

    2. Andrea: I normal, 2.55 black with silver hard wear cosy about 28.000SEK last autumn.

      Anneli, what sort of Chanel bag was it you bought for 1600Euro? A mina flap bag or? The standard models, new, cost much more.


  6. That is so true! I was on a plane coming home from a yoga retreat a few years ago, and the man next to me and I were talking, he told me he designed the engines of Rolls Royce, I thought, WOW what a brain! Some things are certainly worth waiting for :-)

  7. That's a great reminder! Thank you

  8. Of course it's right but we are so impatient that everything go well not too long no? I agree with that but hard to follow it for me..
    I see that you already wear new fashion large pants dear Stina....
    Hugs. Uta

  9. Thank you for the quote :)

    I hope you are well soon - it must be tiresome to be sick and at the same time be responsible for two children. They are both adorable, though!

    Love, Ingrid

  10. Haha klockren! Hoppas du har en härlig helg och att du är piggare nu. kram