Wednesday, April 9, 2014


If it's easy - then it's probably NOT Pilates.
But if it give amazing results - then it probably is.

I have to tell you, that when I started to realise the magic of Pilates and decided to make it a part of my life, I did some research and read that it was hard, complicated in the start and that you needed to have patience with your own body before it starts understanding the small but oh so important and crucial details from what's wrong to what's right. Yet, it looked so easy on pictures, the same on videos and I thought to myself "I mean, how hard can it be?" I also read on my personal trainers Instagram account (@amelieadolfsson) the sentence above (If it's easy, then it's probably NOT Pilates) but my bold personality even there didn't understand the greatness of it.

Now I've taken a couple of personal training sessions and yesterday I participated in my first group class with a technique from the Pilates guru Garuda. And boy is it hard in the beginning!

The good thing though, is that I can already feel and see the results slowly taking shape on my body - which is so amazing and thrilling!
I am grateful that I decided to book a couple of personal traning sessions in the beginning since I was a pure rockie. Those private lessons now make the group sessions more understandable and Pilates is so much about small things, an understanding of the body and how to play with the small differences in muscles, that I would probably have been a little lost without them.
So anyway, yesterday I took my first Garuda Pilates class at Stockholm Pilates Center. Another woman and me were the only one new to the class, the rest had been doing it for a longer time. I loved it even though I had some difficulties getting it all right in the beginning.
Did a feel like a Hippopotamus on ice? Absolutely! Was it hard? Oh yes. Did I feel like I was totally lost? Mmmm, most of the times. But I'm sure that in two month times or perhaps and hopefully less, I will understand it much more, learn how to coordinate my arms, muscles and legs together and have that natural flow that most of the participants had. I looked at all the other women (mostly in my age and older) with gracious movements and wonderful bodies and I got so inspired. That's my goal!

So, this is my short journey so far. I'm absolutely happy/proud that I started and decied to take control over my physics again and really work on getting my body in a life long, feminine shape. I can't wait to be able to lift my leg behind my bump in this super elegant and strong way or be able to fully control all of the other acrobatic postures that makes Pilates so faschinating.

Talk soon! Just got a wonderful delivery which I will now indulge myself in and start planning the packing for the upcoming Barcelona trip.


  1. You are to hard with you !!!
    We all find you very thin etc but you want always too much... M is encouraging you probably....
    Jenny of Paris

    1. Dear Jenny,
      No, no, M is the sweetest in love me no matter what. I'm the one who wants to approve my physic, it's not about getting thinner, I'm already thin, it's about getting stronger and feeling better!


  2. Jenny of Paris, did Stina write she wanted to loose weight? From what I understand she wants to be strong and healthy and make sure to have a strong body in the future. And why would M encourage her to be thinner? I think it is great if he encourages her to do something for herself, to invest in her body and do something that makes her happy and healthy.

  3. I completely agree with Lisa. Sport reinforce body and mind and it changes our dear Stina from home and children, to have a bit of time for her.

  4. I'm so happy you enjoy pilates! It must be good for you to get some alone-time, and to exercise is just wonderful! :) Of course the body shape improves, but I find that when I exercise my mind reaches an inner peace...

    Good luck! <3