Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Status II

I might have been slightly naiv when i wrote that I was feeling better - I'm not. Worse actually. Bad sleeping (my boys alternates to wake me up) and no rest is not making it all better. And for all of you asking about Lady A: Well, maybe she did not come with all the experience I had wished for, so a lot of training is necessary before I can leave her with both children and just relax. Plus, Alexis is in a very complicated face and is a handful to deal with. Let's just say that he haven't accepted her at all yet ...

Talk soon.


  1. Hey Stina, you have your trials just now, I have no children but have had 9 hours sleep in three days, boy, it makes functioning almost impossible on the third day.
    Hope you mange to sort out things with Lady A to make your life easier.

  2. Yes, it's difficult when you are only one and not feeling 100%. Maybe you could solve it the Latin way - get one of your parents to move in with you for a couple of days so that you can get some sleep and get some help?

  3. Åh fy, jag tycker så synd om dig. Det är ju snudd på omöjligt att bli frisk om man inte få sova. Hoppas nu att grabbarna sover bättre och att du piggar på dig. Allt styrka till dig. Tänker på dig. kram Linda

  4. Hopefully things will work out sooner rather than later.

  5. Hope you feel better soon, and the boys settle for you! Make sure you write up some checklists and guides for your Nanny to organise things by. I saw this on television..., and thought what a key strategy. :D, no children here...but like to think I am the 'expert'. Lol.

  6. This too shall pass....Hugs.

  7. I feel so badly for you. My husband travelled a great deal when the kids were young. It was awful and I really thought I would become one of those parents who hurt their children.

    Take a nap anytime the baby is sleeping. My mother gave me that advice when I had my first child and I followed it with each child. I made sure there was a nap time each day. It took awhile to get them on board, but to this day (44 years later) I still have an afternoon nap.

  8. It will take a couple of months before the kids will get used to her! I think it took 3-4 months before my son was completely fine with having our helper around and being alone with her!! But you'll probably also find out that they are more ok with her when you're not around then when you're there!! Well that was (and some days still is) the case with my son! Anyhow things will be better eventually... Although keep in mind that no matter how much "experience" they have you still need to be clear with how you want things to be done, as there's a cultural difference and what might be ok for her to do or give to your kids might not be ok with you!! And things that might be very clear and "common sense" to you might not be for her!! But eventually you both will figure things out and everything will run a long a bit smoother :-) ! Hopefully you'll feel better soon (which will probably be when your hubby comes back hahahah, that's usually the case with me! Mine manages to always go on business trips either when I'm or our son is sick, and come back when we feel better....coincidence hmmmm? Hahahah)!

  9. If your lady is Asian, she will understand very quick and be of great help.
    Mine knows better house than me now.... A nd Alexis will adapt it's normal at beginning.
    Take care of you, you always have all things together dear Stina!
    But you like it in fact, it's only because you are sick now and it's too much.....
    I think of you beautiful

  10. I agree with B above, I think time will help and also Alexis is probably less OK with her when you are around than when you are away, it is like that with my son, as soon as I am around he wants my full attention and does not want to be handled by the nanny at all, but as soon as I am away he plays with her and is very content. Also, do not be afraid to give your helper clear instructions, they are not mind-readers but often very keen to learn and to do a good job. I hope you will all feel better soon!