Monday, April 28, 2014

Summer in the city

So the summer temperatures clearly found their way to Stockholm and we're beyond grateful for that. 24.5° the car showed today. I'm so dependedt on sun and warmth, so for me, its crucial to feel well in my spirit and body.
My Dear mother in law told me that it's 5° and windy in Geneva so I can't even long for Switzerland at the moment. Sweden is the place to be! Let's hope it continues and maybe I will evaluate the feelings I normally have for the Swedish summer.

(coat: Moschino, pants: Zara, light blue shoes: Tods, bag: Chanel & pram: STOKKE Scoot)


  1. Ja visst är det helt underbart i Sverige just nu. Looove! Helt perfekt temperatur för de små också. Älskar din kappa. Helt underbar. Hoppas du haft en härlig dag. Kram Linda

  2. Looking good :-) Which brand are the sunglasses?
    Have a nice day!

  3. It's gping to snow in Stockholm on Thursday... :-/

  4. It's funny I have the same Todds and I forgot them. Of course when seeing them on you I found them and will wear them soon.
    Usually I dont mix up like you do but it's really ingenius until there are not more than 3 colours different for me. Bravo Stina.
    Hugs. Uta

  5. Stina, igen tycker jag du är så fantastisk som grejar så mycket själv när din man är borta, förstår du är exhausted :) För länge sedan (typ i Zurich) sa du att du ev skulle skriva ett inlägg om dina rutiner och hur dina dagar ser ut? Skulle vara superintressant att höra. Jag tycker inte jag hinner med något alls och du verkar alltid hinna så himla mycket, laga massa mat, utflykter med barnen, köpa och dressa dig så fint, etc. Hur fixar du det? (Keeping "the shit together" som du sa, ha ha... hur gör man det?) Kram och trevlig valborg.

  6. Så vårig outfit. Stylish as always <3

  7. Stina, you look great as always! I know you're busy lately, and to update your blog is probably not the first thing on your list, but - when you find time and energy - would you write a post about Jan Marini`? Would be great to hear your view on it, how you use the products, which ones you use etc.
    Wish you a great week and eventually safe trip to Barcelona :)

  8. At the end Stina, did you find a new nanny
    Best. Francesca