Sunday, April 27, 2014


Delayed Wednesday list, blame it on her and the beautiful swedish weather that sort of blows everyones mind!

Post a newly taken picture of you - A couple of hours ago. Enjoying the summer heat with my two boys and a early midday cocktail!

What are you doing? - Trying not to die of exhaustion of the last couple of days when M has been gone. I also waiting for dinner which he is now preparing. It's not often he cook, but I love when he does!

Where would you travel if you could chose totally random? - Colombia, Maldives, Bahamas (again), Paris (again), Amalfi coast, Cape Ferrat, New Zealand, China (again) ... In a couple of days though I'm in BCN again. I love exploring something new.

What time of day do you prefer? - When being a mother, I love the late evenings when the children are put to bed and I can look at a episode of something I like or just read a magazine. Mostly I'm too tired, but it's thrilling when I can.

What will you do this summer? - Try to enjoy our new house and the lovely terrace, spend at least a month in our family house in South of France and have family and friends over. Hopefully it's two more destinations planned, but it's not sure yet so I rather keep it a secret until then.

Mention a unusual place you've visited? - Well, Ulladulla in Australia maybe, a beach village where I spent a month and lived very easy going in a typical australian way with vegetarian food and drove around (on the wrong side of the road) in a small car and explored the places around. Another quite exotic place, is Gambia in Africa. The sailing in the island in Caribbean was also quite something.

What did you do yesterday? - Spent the morning with my parents since they slept over. My mum, me and Alexis went into the city for a while and eat ice cream, later I was at home and waited for M who arrived late from Zürich.

What's success for you? - Being on a path in life where you aim to be which is depending on your age, studies, goals, choices etc. Being the sort of human where you are proud of most of your actions and those which is not ideal, you focus on develop and change them. Awareness is crucial for all types of success.
Working with something that you love and where you make the sort of money you need for your lifestyle is success and combining that with a family life where you are present and with the family members most of the time also. Having a good balance between family life, your own time, social life and work must also be a great type of success since life has all of those ingredients and one of the main things is trying to just get them all together without damaging any of them. Balance is success I guess. Health, love, passion, children, travels ... well I can go on forever when I start thinking about it. A lot of things is success. Spiritual satisfaction and being a happy person in general is probably the most important one, If you don't have that together, it's hard to enjoy the others whether they're there or not.

What will you do tonight?- Well, at this second I'm sitting with Alexis leaning on me while having a bottle of Nyponsoppa and looking at the evening sun melting down just in front, while it's shining into our living room where I'm sitting in our sofa. I'm having a glass of wine and will eat the dinner and then try NOT to fall asleep. M would kill me if I did. So let's salut for this Sunday evening and let's hope for some kissing.


  1. Love this list inspired by your sister, I have started doing it on my blog too,
    Sending you and your family my love x

  2. Lovely legs, lovely baby: love it

  3. yep, I might start this for blog too if you' don't mind!

  4. Love the q&a :-)
    Not sure if you have a routine as such, but what does a typical day with the kids look like for you? Esp with two kids I don't know how you do it & still write such an inspirational and interesting blog! Xx Maja

  5. How happy to be able to stay outside under sun with your muscle legs and so cute baby!
    Here it's co.ld and rainy. I love when you smile like this your are stunning.
    I also like the idea of this liist which is like a 'journal intime" sorry my Emglish is so bad I dont know the name in English.
    Hugs. Uta

  6. Such a lovely photo! Summer inpersonated ;)

  7. You look beautiful, happy and relaxed! Love very much how you decorate your house and terrace.
    Hugs/ B.

  8. Varför trycker ni upp konstrottinggruppen mot husfasaden? Har ni inget större soldäck som ni kan ställa sittmöblerna mer fritt på? Ingen kritik utan mer en nyfikenhet.

  9. I would like to know, what do you think about silicone as a permanent lipfiller, since you are using restylane for many years. Currently my lips are filled with belotero, but I would like to have something that lasts for a long time.

  10. Beautiful photo, isn't Hendricks just the greatest, so refreshing on a hot day! I love the Wednesday list too, and look forward to them now :-)

  11. '...Having a good balance between family life, your own time, social life and work must also be a great type of success since life has all of those ingredients…'
    WELL SAID Stina. It sounds so simple but its pretty hard to balance - especially with little kids. But if you sorted that out it's ooooh so wonderful!
    Love the pic as well. Looks like a great combination of a loving mother with happy kids who didn't forget how to look fabulous and enjoy herself!

  12. Ulladulla!! No way!! I used to live less than an hour drive north of there! We had to move back to Sydney it was so quiet. We kept our place by the beach down there as a holiday house. For when peace and quiet is what we need. I can't believe you spent time there! X


  13. I think that it's not the time to go to Gambia...
    Too dangerous now.

  14. Already excited about your next Wednesday list ;D