Thursday, April 17, 2014


Another Wednesday, another list from here.

Post a newly taken picture of you - This one is from Gran Hotel La Florida, three days ago, enjoying the view, the food and the complexion from the lushy hills around Barcelona.

What was the best part with the wknd? - To see how much my little sister grew and developed from her education, the clear goals in her life and this move to BCN. Second best, to be able to have long, fascinating conversations with her and my mother which I haven't been able to during the last year, or since I got two children.

What did you last eat - After my Pilates today at this place, I meet up my man and had a heavy smoothie and a muffin at Blueberry in NK. I've had some sweets after that since my new found, very sweet friend a couple of blocks from our house and her daughter invited us to participate in the cute easter tradition which is; walk around the neighbourhood and give a little paintings from the kids and be given sweets in return. All dressed as small witches or chickens.

Which four countries have the best food? - I love Asian food (Thai and Chinese), but of course the French or let's say South of France food with a lot of earth picked vegetables, herbs, fresh meat and olive oil. I'm also fond of the italian food and classic Swedish "husmanskost". I normally love and have a very intense relationship with cuisine (at the moment I almost lost my appetite because it's not one single calm moment in my life), so peruvian have to be added. Lissie took us to one of the best restaurants in town and I had one of the best three course menus ever there.

Which countries food to you think less of? - I'm not fond of Spanish to be honest. Tapas, Pinche, Paella is a no go in my world.

Best city for food? - Marrakech was a superb surprise, I also liked Sydney and Miami. Barbados was also a really cool place to botanise in awesome restaurants with well renames around the big top chefs.

What will you eat for dinner tonight? - Well, I just got a very nice wine, so maybe a medium warm potato salad with dill/vinegar/olive-oil/agave dressing, topped with fresh celery, spring onion, carrots, sugar snaps and a nice piece of meat to it.

If you could chose one desert for the rest of your life? - I'm not the biggest fan of deserts, I rather lay in front of a film with some nice chocolate or sweets and just relax. But a nicely prepared Gino would always work. It's fresh, sweet and have white chocolate, fruits and coconut.

What do you miss at this precise moment? - Two things. A working help for our house and my sister.(it's so chaotic and crazy to be home with both children and have a big house).

Favourite toast? - Not super fond of toast, but if i would make one warm myself in a toast maker I would make it like my parents did when I was small. Bread, butter, mustard, ketchup, cheese, ham and a slice of pineapple.

What sort of music did you listen to latest? - Some random tracks from all of our Hotel Costes.

Best restaurant experience latest? - In Zürich: Bindella or Coco's, in Stockholm: Operakällaren and in Barcelona: No doubts the same answer as my sister since we experienced it together. This small, fusion of peruvan/chinese cousine. It was a pure, gastronomic paradise both in the knowledge of the passionate owner of this exciting fusion and the way it was presented. We also had the absolute best cocktails ever, a strong, completely full with flavours - Pisco Sour.

(bag: Chloé, cashmere sweater: Alexander McQueen & shades: Prada)


  1. I love these Wednesday-posts, Stina. Keep'em coming! In one month I will hand in my thesis and I cannot wait to get back to your blog and dive into all your passionate pictures, posts and all the comments from the other lovely readers.

    Just a quick question before I get back to work, although it's probably quite obvious - did you have time to miss your boys (the little ones in particular) these days? And most of all, how did they do without you for so many days? Did it go fine? :) I hope so! Looking forward to see pics from your next Barcelona trip - I also love that city! Hugs and Happy Easter!

    1. Ohhh it's such a crucial time for you! Best of luck! Soon you will indulge more freedom!

      II missed them a little, but enjoyed being free so much also.
      It went alright for them. M was of great help.

      Big hug back!

  2. Love these list! The picture look flawless!:)))

  3. Stina estoy encantada con tu blog, lo conocí en el catalogo stokke , que bueno que te gustó la comida Peruana china, ven a tomar muchos pisco sour , ceviche , un abrazo de Lima Perú
    Una amiga americana siempre dice, un pisco bueno dos suelo! ;)