Thursday, May 1, 2014

Back soon!

Back with much more - tonight.


  1. Oh such a pretty summer dress is it new Stina?

  2. What a heart-warming photo. You are very beautiful and Leon is super-cute.
    Looking forward to a new post. Hugs/B.

  3. Look at those arms! Seems like Pilates really does the trick... Or maybe it is a result of carrying your little one around? Either way - looking good!

  4. Is it possible that you wear a summer dress? We have an horrible weather in France with max 11 degrees!!
    In anyway you and little one are so lovely full of love and the garden looks big.
    To be honest Stina I prefer to live in towm. Country is difficult for me to be all time but surely children ate very happy. And stockholm is not so far and you have your family there.
    Go often to visit your sister in Barcelona until your man can be ll time with you... You need more life.