Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pilates times two

In the middle of this glassy Barcelona trip (far from my normal everyday/mother life in fact) - I just want to collect courage for this morning! I'm doing two Pilates sessions in a row! I loved being in my favorite city, but it honestly included a LOT of alcohol and total lack of proper sleep. I came there, feeling amazingly energetic and quite fit (my Pilates, wow, I already see how my body gets more and more toned and strong) - but left feeling slightly poisoned from the late hour cocktails. So I'm trying to rinse it with juices, sleep and Pilates.

Talk soon!


  1. I don´t think "Godmorgon juice is a good option, too much suger!!!

    1. True, even worse actually I read, it's made from concentrate. I did not think so ...

  2. Good for u, u beautiful woman! You inspire me!

  3. I am honestly a bit jealous of you, having the time and money it takes to be able to do pilates as often as you do and get away to Barcelona alone. With a nanny life gets easier just a few hours on your own each week makes a big difference. You are privileged and I am sure you know that to. Reading your blog is a true break from everyday life. Far from reality. Thanks for that entertainment, I do enjoy your blog.