Friday, May 16, 2014

Sneak peak

So team Pilates is part of my life now and it feels incredible good!
I had a really bad migraine attack the other day and missed one of my sessions since I was in a severe pain coma for seven and a half hour - but today I felt a lack of something in my body which can only be filled with this very special training form which I hope to inspire you all to start.
I do it two times per week and have a babysitter coming for that very special reason and I have to say that I've truly become a happier, better looking and healthier person since. I even have more positive energy as a mother and feel my patience level increased, which is very necessary with two demanding boys at home and a constant feeling like it's "too much to sometimes handle as much alone as I am".
During this session which we also took photos from, Amelie almost took the best of me! I was dead after and she pushed me to try things I never thought I could manage which makes you grow mentally and physically.

Are you eager to see?

(Thank you dearly H and mum and dad for helping me so fast with picking up Alexis from pree-school and taking care of a hungry Leon when I hardly could see my hand in front of me, nor talk ♥)


  1. Dear Stina, hope you are feeling better now!
    I'd like very much see the photos of your training session with Amelie. You already inspired me to start with Pilates again, but "only" in my fitness studio. There is no Pilates,Centre in my hometown.
    Have a wonderful weekend and take care.
    Hugs B.

  2. Well Stina it's true that we have to be very courageous with all these pains... But you are and even tired you go to Pilates with the pretty Amelie who gives you stenghts and energies.
    I would like to have your "volonté", sometimes it's difficult to get prepared to go for gym, etc when pains are too strong.
    Anyway, you look always beautiful but a bit sad.
    Hugs. Uta

    1. Dear Uta,

      Maybe you could try soft Pilates at home in your own speed with a training program in your television? Or have a personal instructor coming maybe 3 times to teach you the basic and combine a program for you to do at home?

      Big hug,

  3. Thanks dear Stina, on Monday I go to the physiotherapeute, I was thinking to ask him.
    It could be possible very softy, but I like your positions..... It's more in my nature....
    Well it's like this and you are more and more superb, your body has already changed. And it was not bad before....
    Also big hugs