Thursday, May 1, 2014

Until then

Ohhh time ... It's never enought when you have two small children and a family's need to provide. I have neither enough energy nor time now tonight as I promised to post all of those lovely pictures I recently taken. But even though I'm leaving tomorrow morning, I haven't even packed yet. And my man wants to enjoy a cosy evening with me before he puts me in the hands of Europe. So, priorities have to do the right thing and close this computer now.
Follow me on Instagram until next week (stina_auer).

All the best until then!


  1. I am vrty happy for you dear Stins. Enjoy your travel and ypur man.
    Big hugs

  2. The most important is the relationship with your family and friends, the relationship with social media can't wait, enjoy your evening and your trip!

  3. Hey Stina! no problem Of course! Only a happy woman can sustain this classy blog.So, ENJOY YOUR BREAK!BREATHE! And we, YOUR DEAR, FEMALE CLUSTER will wait for the pics!!Cath

  4. That's life Stina :) Family first ;)

  5. Ser fram enormt mycket mot bildregn!! Tack för instauppdateringar och för att du är smart och sund och inte låter bloggen gå före semester och äventyr!

  6. Hej! Gör du injektioner fortfarande?