Friday, June 13, 2014

Easy going perfection

Oh my, did I get compliments today! This combination is so easy, yet so powerful and feminine, I should actually remember to wear the same sort every day! I truly believe that life gets more fun when doing so!
The compliments could also be because of the fact that I brought both children to the city today with the sibling version of STOKKE's Crusi and that combination is a killer. They are just so sweet and people like to see a mother trying to look nice but still handling the chaos of two very small children. It makes it all more warm and true wouldn't you say? Everyone also stops to look at the pram, it surely looks futuristic and super-modern handling that double decker!

Anyhow I also signed some papers today and soon I will tell you all where my future will be! So excited, it's going to be perfect!

(black baby cashmere sweater: Davida, here, new skirt: 10euro on sale at H&M - gotta love it, sandals: Hermès & bag: Chanel)


  1. You look gorgeous, and I am happy for you that you had such a happy day.
    Have a save trip to South of France,
    Greetings from the wonderful Costa de la Luz
    (I even enjoy your blog being on holiday with my family ;-))). Hugs B.

  2. Lovely, beautiful words are not enough!
    Stina do not sell Chanel' items they have increased of 500 euros on each classic bags and I wanted a ni e o e it costed 5.000,-- no no no I do not accept that because certain nationilities buy everything at any price. Your Dior's bag is really pretty ant I also will change my buyings from now. Spend a good trip to tne heat... We also fly away.

  3. Stina I mean a medium bag not a special one, big, or unusual design.

  4. You look great! Great legs and I love your haircut. Look forward to getting back to some sort of shape after pregnancy, I feel like such a mess now... I also look forward to hearing what you will do professionally in the future. Good luck!


  5. Hi Stina, as Always, stunning. I am so exited to know where and when you will start working again and perhaps by able to Contact you for some advice. Take care/Helén in Göteborg

  6. Botox, acide hyaurilique, ouf you come back for helping us!!! And you also of course.
    Looking forward...

  7. awesome!! the easy look a mostly the best ;)

    M. Akua