Sunday, June 29, 2014

For you

Driving to all different markets, finding the most pretty ones early in the morning, carrying them by myself to my car, taking pictures of them, emailing conversations with you buyers, packing them (which was impossible at the beginning), taking all of these HUGE parcels to the very unreliable post office here in South of France (you never know when they are open), insure each and one of them and then start all over again. I worked so hard last year to make this possible to you. Yet, they are so beautiful and I love buying them and finding the most gorgeous ones. Also I know how much I use mine and all of my friends also, so now I involved my family to help me carry them and voila.

I have 12 of them and hopefully I will only sell these few this year. So be fast when I put them up, they normally run out in a couple of hours!


  1. I really would like to buy one of them. Thank you and your lovely family for the effort! Hugs B.

  2. Es usted genial,gracias.Isabel desde españa

  3. Oh Stina you and your damily are really kind. Ypu will make happy a lot of your followers. But I know the French posts! Madonna what a job for you...
    Hugs. Uta

  4. Ooooh! I absolutely need to get a new one since my dog adopted the one from last summer as her "day bed" :)
    Minna from Helsinki

  5. O how nice of you to do it again.
    I just love my basket but as I am in my house in Thailand I can not buy another one this time.
    Hugs Titti

  6. Here i wright it again. LOVE my bag from you!!!
    You are great that you do this again for your reader.
    Maja (Germany)

  7. Stina where are 2 posts that are disapeared fron the blog. I answered to one with you paremts and sister in the markert with bags a d hop disapeared! Why?

  8. You're father is such a great sport! These baskets are so gorgeous, the colors are wow!! :-)

  9. The basket from last year went to Italy this year and was full of towels, coke, books, cookies on the beach;)Just love mine!Hope i´m going to France next year by myself so that i can shop some for myself…hihi…
    You look fantastic Stina!
    Oh, and i love the colurful outfits from your sister.Fit perfectly to South of France.

  10. Incredible the success of these baskets.
    Here on each market we can find them, but very gernerous from you to send them to all this people asking for.
    Jenna from Cotes d'azur, Nice