Friday, June 27, 2014


This is one of my favourite spots during summer. A pool for me is so chic, so refreshing and I love how it blends in with the colourful environment of flowers, palm trees, the red earth and the wine yards laying as a unreal panorama view in the background.

And don't you just l o v e my new, very riviera in the 70's, super chic bikini? I love the ruffles decorating it all, so fun and feminine! Also got it in neon yellow and a red bathing suit with the same details and Lissie got it in white. Love it!

Back with more pictures soon!


  1. That's a very coquettish bikini, I utterly love it.

  2. I just come back from vacations and I almost cannot follow you! So many things happened to you it"s wonderful. Travelling, dancing all night, going to Paris, Geneva and again to the South what a heath
    Beautiful and so thin Stina. Your body has changed a lot, arms, legs all is very fine and your dresses so pretty. I love your new 70's Riviera bikini with the "bandeau" into hair like in Bad Men

  3. Mad Men of course !a fault of typing........

    1. Mad men plays in the 60's...