Friday, June 27, 2014

The best of ...

So this is the most beautiful evening in quite some time. Filled with love, friends, dancing, food and just this sort of environment the eyes will never have enough of. The beautiful land and properties belonging to one of M's old childhood friends, hosted by them, their family and my beautiful miss N which I love so much. Can't wait to come and visit you again very soon and enjoy your mind blowing and just so wonderful house and nature! It's really Switzerland at its absolute best! Until them, here is a rendez vous of the simplicity of true happiness of life, captured with my lens. Thank you!


  1. Stina, the photos are so beautiful, looks like a mindblowing time :)
    Everything looks so chic and all the people are really well dressed!
    I am studying business administration and I hope I can also reach such an lifestyle one day.
    Big compliments to your stunning stunning dress! and thank you for all the photos, a real joy to see them :)
    x C.

  2. Looks like the perfect outdoor summer party! You've really managed to capture the beauty and happiness of all attendees including you and your men. I somehow have a feeling you will return to Switzerland or some warmer country in the future...but who knows? but why not combine the best of both worlds - enjoying the benefits of Sweden such as great child care and health care system?:) Har följt din blogg i säkert 4,5 år och det har varit en fantastisk resa jag måste säga! Njut av de fina, lata sommardagar i Frankrike innan det bär av mot nya aventyr i hösten!! Kram!

  3. Wow, så mange vakre mennesker! Takk for at vi får se :)


  4. looks like a (or more) movie scene(s) !