Wednesday, June 11, 2014


So here it is again! I know you love this list!

What are you doing right now? - Leon is just taking a nap so I'm putting some things up in Stina's Vintage Store and having a coffee after lunch. Just found the most horrible and huge tic on Tiger that I had to take away. I though I was going to throw up my lunch. The negative part with having animals.

Show a recently taken picture of you in a everyday situation. - Done! Feeding Leon in a perfect chair from Stokke.

Who do you wanna say Thank You to? - M's parents who came to help us with the garden, the kids and the house!

What have you learnt from last Wednesday List? - That people really judge me by the way I look/dress. I would dare to say that most people judge others more easily then they reflects on themselves. I find it fascinating. I know that a lot of the people i meet want to put me in a label of fanciness and clothes just because it's my hobby and I care to dress nicely. I think it's very small when people do so. For me they chose to take the easy way and putting people under labels with just one glimpse.  It shows a lack of depth when someone think that a onion is only the the first peels, the surface you see on the first sight and don't realise that there's so many layers of everyone. But I've come to the point in life where I can honestly stand up and say that I only care for the opinions of the people I care about. The rest is just my ambience and I wish them all the best in life but wont let them but a label on me. I know to much who I am and what I stand for and what's inside my heart and brain, that's good enough for me! Most often I have some sort of tranquility within myself that protect me from being impacted.

What's the thing that most people don't realise about you? - That I have a lot of integrity. Very few knows me from inside out, but the ones who do, might not biologically be my sisters, brothers and family, but they fits under that category in my world anyhow. They sometimes knows me better then myself and vice versa.

You are soon taking the small boys and yourself and changing environment for a month, what do you look forward to there? - Ohhh, everything. Being with family, friends, the children and eat lovely South of France dinners around the pool and drink the wine from the areas around which I love.
I will also try to keep up with my Pilates that I started at Stockholm Pilates Center, my personal instructor has given me a program I should be able to do around the beautiful surrounding.
This time, at least for two of the weeks, M's mother is so kind and made sure a nanny comes with us for help. That means that even mother Stina can get a little bit of vacation, or at least discharge from a constant life with two very small, needing children 24/7. I love it, but we all need a break here and there.

What's happening this autumn? - Well I will slowely but surely start working at a new place and I will tell you more when all papers are signed. Little Leon will start kindergarden and Alexis will change to the same one which is walking distance from our house instead like now, when I have to take the car every morning.

What did you last purchase? - I'm not sure it counts, but M came home with a stunner. I might show it soon. It's a bag from Dior. I also got the most comfy new stretch jeans from DL,here, (they give an amazing shape from behind) and like always, some new sunglasses i will show in different outfit pictures!

Something we don't know about you? - My man, mother and some other pedantic around me think I'm quite messy. I agree to some points but it's my nature to be radical, either one thing or another. I am often cleaning the whole house up to perfection but after a day It can look like a tornado been there If I don't watch out.

Favourite interior attribut? - Fresh flowers, I buy them once per week and it cost a fortune but it has to be added to call something a home in my world. I want them in most of the rooms and we have many rooms so it adds up. Apart from that, light. Correct lightening on a house or apartment makes all the difference. Spotlights, normal lamps etc etc.

What will you wear this summer? - In South of France I tend to pack a lot but end up walking around in a bikini or bathing suit all day long, with maybe a kaftan at night. It's only family and friends there, sometimes I might put on a little dress for the dinners but it's not necessary, it needs to be light then. The evenings can be very, very warm also.
Else I will use my new bag a lot, my golden espadrilles from here, my Chanel flip-flops and use all of my lighter and more girly summer dresses, with lose pants like these, here (massive sale there now!).
I use the colourful baskets from South of France daily during summer (I have them in so many), I find them so beautiful and they are incredibly practical for all types of errands and give that sort of summer chicness I embrace during this season.
We're attending a few nicer parties and cocktails and therefor I'm already now starting to plan with some new and old outfits for these more fun activities. The first two in Geneva soon.

What makes you happy? - Apart from my children who makes me so happy from inside out, it's hard to understand, M and all of that, the fact that Lissie is going to spend two weeks with me in SOF, that mum and dad comes again and my bestie plus family from Colombia/Miami also arrives. Can't wait for all of that.
Lovely environments, warm weather with sun and long, interesting talks always gets me in a nice mood and so does most things in my closet. When M and me are synced also gets me very happy and love in general i think. I need to have a spiritual input, a reflection and analysation in my every day life, else something is lacking. Same with exercise, I need to move, just a little is enough to feel my body strong and powerful. Traveling always brings out sparkling feelings.
I'm so happy for my life in general and hope to give you the best of it here during summer.

(For next weeks Wednesday List, or whenever it choses to arrive; if you have any examples of question, let me know and write them in the comment field!)


  1. I use my lovely basket every day......i just love it.
    Hugs Titti-Umeå

    1. That's so adorable. So does my mother, my aunt, some of my friends ... They are just perfect to throw in whatever needed for the day!

  2. Great post again, thanks! Good to hear that you will receive some extra help, it really is exhaustin taking care of two toddlers and rarely get any time for yourself.
    Guess you can't write too much about this, but would be interesting to hear how you cope with always being around people vs being alone. I know from the past, that you really need to be alone. Now you are never alone, you spend loads of time in a row with Ms parents etc. Mother in law never gets to you? You never long for more time alone with just M, without houseguests etc?
    Also, it is interesting how you formulate that you are happy when M and you are "in sync". I think I understand what you mean, when you have that "flow" with your partner. It is great!

    I will try to buy one of those great baskets from you this summer if the shop will be open again!


  3. Sounds so lovely, I envy you! My pregnancy means no more flying for me, so no late night drinks overlooking the fishing boats out on that blue sea while our son is finally asleep and the temperature has finally dropped slightly for me this Summer - it just does not feel like summer without at least one trip to our second home country in the South of Europe for me, but hopefully I will get my reward in the end of the summer! I will follow your sojourn in the South of France though, to try to compensate for the chilly Nordic summer.


  4. unas fotos preciosas como todasl las suyas,si fuera posible me gustaria que pusieras mas fotos con los padres de M y sus niños,resultaran verdaderamente encantadoras y casi no salen por aqui ,supongo que habra tomado muchas ahora que han estado todos juntos.
    gracias por este blog ,me alegra y anima todos los dias. un saludo desde españa. isabel

  5. Every time i read your posts i don't think: '"i wish i had a life like hers."Instead I think... you are a very interesting and insightful modern woman, good for you!Enjoy the holiday!

  6. Stina your list is very intersting but dont you think that, it gives you still more work??
    You are already have enough to do and this blig takes you already to time.
    For the stupid comment about age of 40 do not even answer....
    I am glad that you have help with M's parents snd then vacations to South of France.

  7. P.S. By the way I leave for 15 days same date than you ....

  8. I would like to know more about your trips. What you did, interesting stories and more personal of course. Your travels to India, Australia and Africa.

    What is the most horrible thing happening to you in your life? Not having children or have you had more traumatic experiences? Think that could help alot of people by telling.

    Have you lost alot of friendships? What happened and why?

    Do you want more children? When is the wedding coming up? And what about those beautiful fella's that you showed us here? You should show us the single Swiss men ;)

    Bon voyage!

  9. Hej, jag älskar din stil, då jag var i Stockholm i helgen tänkte jag det är inte många kvinnor som klär sig som dig, du utmärker dig verkligen ut med din fantastiska stil och utstrålning och det inspirerar mig och även andra. best wishes L

  10. Sjukt snygg kenzotröja! Varifrån?

  11. Love your blog Stina! You are a true inspiration both as a person but also as a true fashionista! When it comes to people judging other people; as a Swede who has also lived outside the borders I must say that I think that it has to do with our "Jantelagen" which is the most boring thing in the whole wide world. Instead of telling someone they did a great job, look nice, is intelligent etc you say the oposite due to "you shall not stick out" but to tell you the truth; most people are most likely jealous of you, your life, family and off course your wardrobe. So never mind these "dull" pesons and keep up the great job in inspiring us all out there!

  12. Some Wednesday questions:
    1. What is your favorite fiction & non-fiction book? Why?
    2. What would your "perfect" day look like?
    3. What are your favorite SOF meals? Recipes please...


  13. With two kids, what's your daily routine?
    Good list btw - can't wait to see the SoF outfits xx Maja

  14. What do you regret do have done/not done last week?
    Those jeans look very nice, maybe i should give them a try?!?