Thursday, July 3, 2014

Beach and pool wear a la Stina

I fell in love with all of this stylish and original pool and beach wear the minute I found them in the little boutique here in South of France and after buying them for myself in almost all colours - I thought I should get some for you also since I just love them. They are fun and ultra feminine and all comes with a matching Pareo in leopard pattern that we found at another place.

The red/coral bathing suit comes with the same colour on the Pareo and the neon yellow bikini comes with one in neon yellow and white. Same with the black and the white bikini, they comes with a black and white patterned. They are perfect for all lovely occations where you want to be well dressed for lunch or lunch cocktails, but even so be able to jump into the pool in a minute! I truly love them and hope you do too!

To get one yourself - click HERE!


  1. Oh no....once again i was to late :-( I bought one last year luckily, so i am at least happy for that one :-) Have a lovely day :-)

  2. These tops of bathsuits are not made for generous chests you are so so thin Stina
    Another time may be
    Thanks for everyone

  3. They are absolutely adorable......nice colours.
    I love the bathingsuite.
    Hugs Titti/Thailand

  4. These are stunning, I have horrendous 32 E breasts so I can't wear anything that makes them bigger, if I wasn't such a wimp I would have a reduction.

  5. These are really beautiful but you look so skinny that it cannot suit my body!
    You lost a lot of weight lastly,

  6. You look gorgeous, Stina! Could you put something to us bigger readers too, plz! Maybe same models, size M-L? Love those bright colors!

  7. Smashing Stina! Wow, så fina på dig! Tyvärr hann jag inte med detta inlägg i god tid, hadeså gärna köpt baddräkten... Åh vad jag gillar din blogg! Tack för allt du delar med dig av! Stor kram

  8. Oh Stina you
    Look stunning in each one, a gogeous model to present these bathsuitd.
    But the top is difficult to wear it's true.

  9. Where on earth did you find these? They are sooooooo beautiful!

  10. And in France size S is about 34/36 so its not a size for everyone unfortunately!