Friday, July 4, 2014

Beautiful life

How I love the easy, chick Riviera style that just comes so natural when being in this type of pure environment. The shades of all flowers, the raw nature, the brightness of the sun and the lovely tan we're getting from it fits so perfectly to clear colours of different fabrics, interesting cuts and big necklaces in beautiful shapes. Life is so easy here, a lot to do of course with the house full of guests, but yet so liberating and always with the breath of freedom and the clear feeling of what life is all about in the end.

(beach dress: from a store in BCN, espadrilles: here & necklace: South of France)


  1. You did not bring your Russian maid??

  2. Dear Stina,

    That's really such a wonderful style! I like the dress and all your "South of France" posts, and it's such a nice coincidence that I had an outfit post called, heavily pregnant, two weeks ago. So there will be no French Riviera for me this summer ;-)

    Greetings from Zürichsee,

  3. Kollar din blogg då och då, för att få lite inspiration och för att det är roligt att läsa om någon som har det bra och har vettiga åsikter. Har aldrig läst dina "comments" förut, men ville kolla var din baddräkt kommer ifrån. Oj vad tråkiga kommentarer, så dåligt att de känner att de flesta måste klaga. Hoppas att du inte låter det påverka dig! Du gör mycket för de som läser din blogg! Hoppas att du fortsätter som du gör och lever lycklig i alla dina dagar. Du är verkligen en livsnjutare och rolig att följa!

  4. You look beautiful, that yellow is great on you. Do you mind me asking are you a sun bunny? ie do you lay in the sun and go for the tan or are you a factor 30 under the umbrella and protect your skin? I use fake tan and sit under an umbrella, but I am older than you so probably more paranoid!!

  5. Wonderful pictures, love how you match the surroundings in an interesting and stylish way.
    Am curious too about your SPF, please do share!

  6. Right your lttle dresses for a house in the South are completely on style around a pool and in the nature you look also very pretty tan and sure that you use the good creams !
    Always well dressed for circumstances.
    10/10 perfect
    Hugs Uta