Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I hope you all know by now that I have a much easier, shorter and cooler blog name since four years back ... This little short text is all you need to write when you want to enter a glimpse of my world.


  1. Easier for me because I have you on my sidebar ! Although I did try to find your old blog but I think you probably suppressed it. Keep up the good work though, this blog is a breath of fresh air plus you seem to have a much nicer weather than the one we experience in Paris !

  2. Love your blogs. Yes a breath of fresh air. I have learned now not to write essays on my blog and instead to write captions with pics. Haven't been active recently due to loads to do and family visit. Will return soon. This is the silly season after all, isn't it. Oops I shall stop before I write another essay.