Monday, July 21, 2014

From one destination to another

Will miss my daily dose of the creamy coconut yoghurt and this lovely body lotion I always use when down there.
So me and the kids left South of France, my happy place and returned to our house in Stockholm. Thank you beloved T and S for everything! The trip was of course v e r y intensive with these small fellows and all luggage by myself, but it went fine. M was already at home in our house since he went earlier and it was also very comforting coming back to our home. All the space, some new furnitures that arrived and just feeling the family house in bloom. Most of our flowers has already bloomed so it's a lot to do now in the garden, not to mention the maintenance of the fruit trees. Next year we need to find a good gardener to help with all bushes, trees and flowers - have no idea how to deal with them!
But just one day after we came home, our oldest turned three years old! This beautiful, first born boy of mine who I love so indescribable much it's insane. Mormor and morfar came of course and gave a big parcel. We had Tofu icecream cake (he is milk protein allergic and perhaps egg allergic) and just had a cosy day until I sent M away to the airport again.
Talk soon!


  1. Oh wow! Your son is cuteness overload <3

  2. Hej Stina! Vart i Stockholm skulle du tipsa att man går om man vill göra botox?

  3. I was missing you! It's a pity that you cannot stay a bit of August in Sputh of France but now ypu also have a nice house to take care. For the gardiner it's better to take an enterprise. No surprises with prices and work done even it's a little bit more expensive. From my experience.
    You son is more and more cut and looks so happy..
    I am preparing to leave for South of France ....
    Hugs. Uta

  4. A very happy birthday, little Alexis :-). Wonderful photos, dear Stina, they made my day! Hugs B.

  5. I was hoping to enjoy more of the South of France. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy. I love that his cake is all berries and not icing.

  6. Lovely photos, that cake looks delicious! That picture with Alexis opening the present with your parents at the door is perfect!! Love it :-)

  7. Vad stor han blivit din lille gosse <3
    Ha en fortsatt skön sommar ;-)