Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ice cream

So the Swedish summer deliver like never before and we have almost tropical heat this high up north. It almost feels like being back in our house in South of France. Biggest difference is that over there, the evenings are just as warm, here it at least lower a couple of degrees during night which makes us sleep better.
This whole day was spent at some friends place, playing and dining at their pool. The children were half alive after and crashed in bed as soon as we got home.
Tomorrow we're leaving for a couple of days on the sea in the Swedish archipelago. Can't wait to see Alexis and Leon's reactions when they see how I grew up during my "young girl" summer days!

(dress: Escada, bag: Chanel, shades: Prada and shoes: South of France)


  1. I love how you expose your boys to so much adventure and experiences - it's such an eye opener for them. Have a wonderful time!! :-)

  2. I love your video on Instagram. It's so nice to see you in motion :-) hugs B.

  3. I love your video on Instagram. It's so nice to see you in motion :-) Hugs B.

  4. What a summer we have!! Going out to skärgården myself today, can not wait!!
    I love that we get to see the more adventorues side of you! My basket from last year is travelleing with me at all time.