Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jungle fever

So between lovely dinners, sunny days, a lot of lovely friends and family, long conversations and lots of bambinos - there was some rainy days. And what fits better then to add some wine tasting again during those days? We all drink a lot of wine (and other cocktails, a little to much for me lately but what can you do ...) and it's a great opportunity to learn more and taste different flavours. M is so good with wine and has so much knowledge, I take great pleasure to learn during the years!

(t-shirt: Kenzo, pants: Lindex, sandals: Chanel, shades: Tom Ford & bag/bracelet: South of France)


  1. That bag with that outfit is absolutely spot on! Love the coordination but I don't expect much less from you Stina =) xx

    1. That is just so kind! Thank you! I loved it too, mostly it felt I was walking around in a comfy pyjama!