Friday, July 4, 2014

Lunch in la casa

Another lovely lunch by the pool, this time enjoying freshly delivered oysters from the water next to us. I love to have both of our families around and let the children run in the middle and try to just laugh at all obvious chaos it is with two little monkeys attending. Life is beautiful!!!

(dress: from a little boutique, bathing suit: Eres and sandals: Chanel)


  1. Nothing to say more a fantastic happy family enjoying life. So seldom this harmony and all are beautiful
    Adults, children, and you of course dearest.
    Big hugs Uta

  2. Otroligt vackra bilder, och sååå underbart att se familjer umgås över generationsgränserna!

  3. This is exactly what such sweet memories are made of. Enjoy :-)

  4. Looks wonderful! And with a 1,5 & 3 year old myself I for sure know about "the monkeys"..! 🙈💕 /Kristina