Monday, July 14, 2014

Power of nature

I truly embrace the nature we have around here. The garden is just beyond pretty and all the wine yards with hidden tracking paths just outside our gate is like heaven for the soul. Here, nothing feels like a problem and if they occur anyhow, I just dive into the pool to refresh my thought and get a new view of whatever my mind is blocked with. Since I will start working this autumn again from being a stay at home mother for three years, I try to just feel the freedom I've been blessed with during these years. It's been hard, for sure, sometimes harder then I could ever imagine but in the same way I've loved it so truthfully much and I have double feelings of letting go of this litre world I'm living in with my boys and me. I think it will be good in the end, but even so, can't help being afraid of being to captured in a everyday cycle and miss the precious time with my children. I hope this change will be better then I can imagine and that a lot of things in our mutual life will just fall into place, one after one.


  1. Hope you will not witl not work each day full time!

  2. Det kommer ordna sig så bra! Men kan förstå hur du tänker och känner. Vore så intressant om du redan nu kunde avslöja lite;) var och hur du kommer arbeta? Deltid? Samla minnen, ta vara på denna tid, du kommer att tänka många varma vackra tankar när du ser tillbaka på denna tid:) Du ser så oerhört lycklig och fin ut när ni bor i sommarhuset! Kramar