Friday, July 11, 2014


We've been following these little sparrow babies from the egg state to newly born without any feathers at all, to this state - very soon ready to try their wings.
The mother and father is so eager to feed them and they flies out and in with food to these, always very hungry, little creatures. The nest is always at the same spot, year after year, on the top floor's balcony in my mother in laws master bedroom.
It's such a beautiful little world up there and I love how they come back year after year after the winter excursion to warmer climate.

UPDATE - I just went and looked at them, five minutes after this post, and they were ALL gone! We were so lucky to take a photo of them just a couple of hours before their new life, flying in the air.


  1. Sparrows (moineaux).

  2. Oh Stina it's incredible I had this little ones for 3 weeks, I put some food besides of the one the mother brought I put so e grains etc and they left 1 week ago I was so sad..... But the nest is still here so some otherones will come.

  3. Sorry it was not finished it has left before I correct the text! We had lunch with friends and too much champagne!! Anyway, my little birds have left....
    Hugs. Uta

  4. Hello Stina, thanks for a lovely and inspirational blog. How do you feel about readers approaching you on the street?

    Warm hugs. Ingrid

  5. Swallows are faithful creatures; when I was a child, I had a nest of them under my bedroom roof gable and they came year after year. Your children must have been delighted ! In French, we call them : hirondelles.

  6. That is so sweet! We had baby rabbits in our yard, it's a beautiful thing to witness :-)