Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer evening

So these warm summer evenings are just as the archipelago, balsam for the human bodies all senses. I hope the autumn stays like this until October, like it did last year in Sweden, when we we're still living in Zürich but I spent almost three months in the country house with the children outside Stockholm. It was like a fairy tale. I purely and deeply loved it.

(linen top: Isabel Marant, jeans: Gina Tricot, shoes: Zara, shades: Tom Ford & bag: Hermés)


  1. Beautiful outfit, I totally love your blog :)

  2. This is gorgeous Stina! Hope you are having a wonderful summer.
    Lauren & Karen
    (Louella Odié)

  3. Dear Stina I dont know if my comment has left....
    I was saying that you are fantastic dressed like this and very happy with the weather because we have almost one month of rain and returning from Cannes, it was not really sunny either.....
    Anyway we know that heat and sun have left for you to North.....
    This top is stunning.
    Gugs uta