Monday, July 28, 2014

Swedish archipelago - part I

I I mean, what's not to like? The Swedish archipelago is known all around the world for its enchanting and magical islands and nature, filled with lushy green trees, birds, perfects spots to put a spontaneous anchor or just take a dip, preferably in the evening, naked when no one is watching.
This nature that we have, that come alive like nothing else during summer time, well it's just breath taking and free for everyone to take parts of and enjoy.
I had been eager for years to show M how I spent my summers, on the sea, in a boat, going from island to island, eating lunch at some lovely restaurant, mostly unknown for those not familiar with the sea or the areas, bathing when were we felt as there and then and cruise around, slowly having coffee in the boat or speeding, just to feel the strong wind in our hair.
The liberty and the soul-cleaning that happens when you sit in front of the boat, looking out on the waves clapping against the boat, creating these perfectly made slashes and fractions on the surface only known through these circumstances - well it's like food for the soul.

I was also thrilled to take our two boys to this experience and sure it's a lot of work with two small children on a boat, going off and on the boat with life west and all packing necessary when moving around with them, but oh was it worth it!


  1. I fully loved the photos of silken water, your dad holding hand of your oldest son, your husband with his mirror youngest son, you beautifully framed with your sister, your beloved mum & dad together... I think you both did well on moving to Sweden. Even though you can not enjoy of this beautiful islands along the year (other than Summer), it is to admire and take as an example how Scandinavian embrace nature, take care of it and enjoy it without any damage.

    Love this post!!


  2. Ohlala what beautiful islands in Sweden and how can we see such a more happiest family in summer on a boat, Stina you really have a wonderful life. It cannot be better
    Enjoy this wonferful summer there, weather is bad everywhere even on the Cote D'Azur.... Rain, sun,
    Hot, humid etc.." Take the best everywhere! Hugs

  3. Oh I want to visit,just gorgeous! What a relaxing weekend! I just love seeing the entire family spend time together.

  4. You lost a lot of weight but not the men...,, so cute!

  5. Looks gorgeous Stina! We love boating as well, and you're right - hard work with two kids, but the rewards are more than worth it :)

  6. Wow, these photos evoke so many beautiful childhood-memories in me of when we used to travel to Sweden for the summerholidays. Lake houses, picking blueberries and making marmelade, eating kanelbullar at little country-side cafés and cruising the archipelago until we found a tiny island just for ourselves where we would jump into the fresh water butt naked :) How lucky you are for living just there- and thank you for sharing these beautiful photos! Hugs from Berlin, Frieda

  7. The Swedish archipelago is gorgeous. I sailed once from Helsinki to Stockholm-it was beautiful. My favourite photo is your little one sleeping with the bunny.