Sunday, July 6, 2014

Wine tasting

We are surrounded by wine yards all over and with them comes interesting wine makers, locally made with all the love and patience needed for this quite hard procedure. We take great pleasure in taking all of our guest to them and also make sure to provide our home with everyday wine from the region. I love them and they all have a very distinct flavour.

This time we took my bestie N and M's cousin N and his wife from Miami, one of my favourite couples out there with their little A. A very nice day and a perfect little excursion from the other so very hot pool area!

(dress: Dolce & Gabbana, shades: Sonia Rykiel and heels: South of France)


  1. Is it cold that your friend wore a vest there!

  2. Is it cold that your friend wore a vest there!

  3. Hello Stina! I don't know if you remember my episodic writing on your blog although I am a regular reader of yours.Great pictures under a threatning sky! They are indeed so familiar to me since a part of my family is from this region in Languedoc.We might be 40 kms max in distance from one another!
    So, if i' m writing today is to suggest to you and your family a fantastic night out in the "theatre de la mer" in Sète.The venue is an 17th century Vauban fortification and is essentially used for summer festivals.Soon, there will be the jazz festival with huge, internationals artists.You definitely should check it out:you guys, will love it , and it 's fantastic for the atmoshere, food and scenery.It starts in one week.
    Check the website: Festival Jazz à Sète

    it is really worth it.Also make a half -a- day trip to Sète, very typical with its harbor and Italian atmosphere .Stunning shots for you certainly , Stina.Ok, keep up the great job of your blog and thank you for sharing.Cath

    1. Ohhh it sounds amazing!!! I would love to do that! If we could get babysitters I will assure you to be there.

      Thank you again for helping out! How much do we not love this region???


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    1. Thank you FF! And thank you again for the best book ever!