Tuesday, August 5, 2014


During these years I've been a stay at home mother for my two little boys i've got tons of emails when I will start working, if I will work in Stockholm again, what skin products to use, questions of different treatments, Botox, injections, skin problems, facial sculpturing and you name it.
Even if I haven't been practically working, I've tried to answer the questions. One of the hardest one to give a proper answer to has been "when I will start working and where?

Now we bought a house in Sweden and eventually I knew that my urge and my creative/aesthetic side would like to get back into the work I initially loved. Interesting offers have occurred along the way and it was a long way to take a decision for my future work place - but after many hours of thinking, negotiating, thinking again - I'm more then happy to be joining AKADEMIKLINIKEN in mid September this year!

As it looks now, I will manly be at the clinic at Stureplan. I'm very satisfied with this position and decisions since AKADEMIKLINIKEN stand for one of the highest ranked top clinics in Europe and is the main player of this medical aesthetic field when it comes to research and professionalism.

It feels great and I can't wait to see many of you patients again and help you with whatever correction, wish for looking younger or adding, taking away or just improving your physical look, inner wellbeing and feeling in balance with who you are and what you look like.

I have also tested their skin product line for more then two month now and as a matter of fact I'm beyond happy with what they do. But another and longer post about that eventually.

I will get back later on how to be able to book an appointment or get help with whatever you need in medical and aesthetic improvements.

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Stay tuned!


  1. Congrats Stina, I think this will give your life a really good balance, here's to another new chapter.


  2. What a pity I dont live in Stocholm Stina... I will be your first patient....
    Good luck but with you sure that it will more than work.

  3. Congrats Stina!!!!!


    Would like to ask you a question, how much time do you spend on social media that is not your own accounts. How much are you consumeing? I think it is so difficult to find a balance and since you are someone that has been inspiring me about balance before :), I would love to know how you are dealing with all the information and possibilites that surrounds us. I remember that you said before that you need to have time to recharge, i find that very difficult even on my sofa without kids since I always can go out on the internet. Would love some of your wise words and reflections regarding this. All the best!!!

  4. Nice to come back to work since you have longed for it. But of course a big change in your everyday life also, but you will do fine! But isn´t Akademikliniken your employer already? Was it not them who bought Ellipsekliniken where you worked? Or am I totally wrong..?? Anyway - hope you will find going back to work rewarding and developing again, as before your maternity leave. I am sure many have missed you, so your book will be filled even before you begin, hi hi. //Laila

  5. Congratulations and very exciting!! They are very lucky to have you too, your dedication to excellence and giving everything all you've got, you and this company will be a perfect match! :-)

  6. "O, happy day!!" Many Congratulations to You and Your clients ^_^

  7. New adventures, how exciting! I´m sure you will do just great. When I´m back in Sthlm I might come to see you again. Good luck!

  8. Åh vad roligt. Stort grattis till det nya jobbet. kram kram