Sunday, August 10, 2014

Archipelago crayfish party!

Back from a lovely, somewhat crazy (four kids under three years old) crayfish party at my besties place in the absolutely stunning archipelago which never fails to impress me with its greatness and beauty.

(silk blouse: Acne, bag: Louis vuitton, travel bag: Louis Vuitton & wedges: Isabel Marant)


  1. Oh how fab, we used to have loads of relatives there, sadly our immediate ones have all passed away.

  2. Stina are the archipelagos far away from where you live?
    Tell me if you have only this LV bag for your clothes and children? Impossible.
    Unless it's for one day?
    Do you find easily I.Marrant or do you order by internet?
    You are vety cute dressed like this.
    Hugs. Uts

  3. How about sharing a more causal outfit....?

  4. Lika chic som alltid!

    Line -