Friday, August 8, 2014

City errands with the kids

I had such a lovely day today with both of my kids. Some days are less nice and some are better, this was one of the nicer ones. I took them both into the city with our double decker pram and checked out the new autumn fashion and got a couple of clothes and shoes for Alexis, had ice cream and enjoyed. Found a pair of amazing suede boots for him and trainers, perfect for the upcoming kindergarden.

I wore this black'n white combo which is another easy going, yet fun and different style of dressing. The shoes are from South of France and so comfortable. The pants is one of my favourite not to mention the bag!

I asked my man to answer some of the comments and questions you guys have asked for about my style and he ended up answering 11 questions about how he sees my style and way of dressing. I found it soooo funny to read. Will publish it later!

Talk soon!

(pants: Isabel Marant, top: Equipment & bag: Chanel)


  1. The bag with these pants really rock!! Looking forward to reading about how M finds your style. Have found that my husband and I seldom think alike. Some things I might love and later finds out he doesn´t like them at all, and vice versa. Will be fun to read!! //Laila

  2. GRACIAS¡¡¡¡ de nuevo por su blog Stina,solo con leerlo ya entran ganas de vivir. Un saludo desde España. Isabel.

  3. Oh interesting and fun! Looking forward to M's answer:) Just à little question.. What is M's real name?! And have your two amazing boys any second name?

  4. I LOVE those shoes!!! The whole outfit is really cool, love it!

  5. Dear Stina, which hair products do you use?? Great pictures btw!! Have a nice day!!

  6. I really dont like the bag with pant. Sorry but even with good imagination there is a sense of what going or not, even it's funny or disturbing. Here it's not appropriate. And I looove aour style ususallly.