Thursday, August 28, 2014

Isabel Marant times two

So as I've mention a numerous times before in the past - life is all about practicality, at least six and a half day per week ...
Beautiful silk blouses, extravagant tops and cardigans have to wait patiently in my closet for the fiesta times or simply until I don't have at least one of them constantly on my hip, not seldom dirty, snotty, or just with small chubby fingers who pulls and curiously examines everything interesting and fascinating. Sequins and pearls, necklaces and God knows what is clearly not usable right now. To many things have gotten destroyed or ruined and I'm not slow, I learn my lesson quickly.

But that doesn't mean one give up on the style and fashion sense, absolutely not and I can almost say it's stronger then ever in my mind, everyday and life. I live and breath it completely, even though I can't often live it out to the full or how I would like to use it.
I do find this more casual way of getting dress interesting also. And I do understand Isabel Marant much more and have got many new things from her the last couple of month. She must be a mother of at least five children, it feels like everything she designs is with the mind behind that a mother needs to be able to wear it in combination with her normal life, where kids are most certainly a part of it.

I'm also one of these very cold persons and big, beautiful wool or cashmere sweaters are just cool and laid back yet brings a nice touch to it all.

So I'll stop talking now, i'm waiting impatiently for some new fashion items to arrive from all different places!

The picture at the top shows the accurate and precise colours to what I was wearing, the self taken mirror pics seldom do things justice so I though I'll show you it's reality!

What do you say all fashionably mothers out there? Which designer suits your life best right now and how do you think of dressing stylish yet for the reality we're in? I'm eager to her and maybe i'll find some new brand that we can check out!

Talk soon!

(sweater: Zara, pants and boots: Isabel Marant & bag: Chanel)


  1. Ok, I have a very busy life, but I'm still working on becoming a mother :-P Anyway: I love merino wool from COS, REPEAT and Filippa K. I just bought this beautiful cardigan:


  2. I'm all about the high street, I go to H&M, Next, Topshop, Ted Baker, River Island are the favourites. I'd rather spend my money on high end accessories, I have my eye on a Karl Lagerfeld handbag next ;-) I'm not a very careful person, with anything. I even have a small rip in my Chanel, so buying high end clothes would just be a total waste for me, with or without my daughter ;-)

  3. isabel marant, stella McCartney, h&m, cos, other stories and céline ... <3

  4. Same;)

    Marant, Stella, Zara, Cashmere, Joseph, Beckham.....

    I love your mama style!!!

  5. You are so / too thin. You lost too much wight i.m.o.

  6. For me this pullover does not go at all with trousers but as you said everyone his own taste
    A same one in black with a large and short necklace around your nice neck
    Would have been may be too easy for you but this yellow with black and white is not even fashionable.
    Sorry Stina do not do too much to be different...

  7. Don't know what happened to my first post, disappeared:) Anyways same here as above mentioned labels but I also love Chanel shoes: their ballerinas, sandals, biker boots, riding boots, comfy but stylish. Also bought Christian Louboutin boots the Jimmynetta, since they seemed so comfy and child friendly (Since all my other Loubis are really not comfy nor child friendly:)) but not using them, not really my style but if someone is interested I'm selling them for a very good price;) Size 38. ( I also learned my lesson like you Stina said, tried to wear delicate garments with my little boy with not the best result so trying to avoid at least all my silk blouses:) Also buying a lot from Wolford, find their skirts and tops working well with my little one:) Anyways you look stunning Stina as always!!! Lovely weekend to everyone! :) Susan

  8. Love this outfit!!

    Unfortunately I also love expensive cashmere like Loro Piana, Agnona, Malo, Brunello. I say unfortunately because Stockholm seems to be full of moths, amazing considering all those months with closed windows (or maybe therefore?). So I am super careful not to get food stains. I used to wear a lot of Marni but sitting in my office is like being inside a freezer so nowadays I tend to buy more cashmere.

  9. Love the sweather, is it itchy?

  10. Just like Anna, I love Brunello Cucinelli, Loro Piana and Agnona (thankfully haven't experienced moths at all despite having lived in Stockholm for a couple of years). I usually pair a cashmere sweater with jeans (Current/Elliott and J Brand) or Dolce&Gabbana or MaxMara skirts which seem to fit me well. Ballerinas and Tod's when the weather allows and flat boots from Hermès or Crockett&Jones. Bought a pair of Hermès "Brighton" boots in khaki suede this spring that I will be wearing a lot. I also like their cashmere/silk shawls if I want to accessorize. I am not a mother yet (hopefully becoming one soon though) but I have a very hectic life and a cleverly planned capsule wardrobe is what works best for me. I prefer buying a few classic pieces of high quality over many cheaper items and my style is fairly simple. Coats I usually get from Burberry's Prorsum line, the latest one was a double face cashmere oversize trench in light grey from this year's spring collection (although I admit I was really trying to get my hands on the black/white Ferragamo coat that you bought a while back, perfection!). I would love to be a more adventurous dresser like you but I tend to really stick with neutral colours (no patterns) and classic shapes. I do get inspiration from you to dress more feminine though so thank you for that! /Celia

  11. Which botox you use?