Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our youngest little Love

So be aware of some personal pictures. The last one with me in a very homish grey cosy one is probably the best, but keep in mind that me and the kids are sick and my beloved parents actually surprised us tonight to celebrate little Leon, so we had to make the best out of it, very unprepared. And yes, I grated them like that.

And why all of this? Well, because today is one of these very magical days and I remember it in detail like it was yesterday. Because, one year ago, I gave birth, a absolutely perfect delivery, to a little boy, so perfectly born and so loved from the beginning. Little Leon was a pleasure to push out and even in the hardest pain, I said to M, "I'll do it all again, tomorrow if this is what comes out of it".

But this little child of mine, I mean, where shall I begin? Leon. You are just such a gift from heaven. Not only did we get your beautiful brother Alexis, but I also got you. A magical little creature, a bundle of joy, an endless source of sunshine. I'm completely addicted you, your chubby little body and every day, you bless me, us, with laughter and smiles. I love you beyond describable and will always do, no matter what.
You see, you were created inside of me, made inside of me, nurtured from my body and our souls will forever be connected, forever be partly, the same. I will be a true friend in your life, guidance along the way and a never ending source of pure and simple love.
I'm so grateful to be able to walk next to you in this journey we have in life. I'm forever thankful to have become your mother and I love you more then I could ever express in words.

Thank you for accomplishing our family little chubby Leon. Thank you for everything your brought and taught me so far. I love you, always. /mum


  1. A very happy birthday, cute little Leon, and congratulations to your beautiful mum and proud dad <3
    Love these pictures! Hugs B.

  2. Beautiful little family, Stina! It's easy to understand why you're such a proud mum to your two adorable boys. Nothing means more in life than a happy family. So blessed. Happy First Birthday, Leon!
    x, Suzanne

  3. Love liove pictures and your text beautiful
    Stina leon is so cute....

  4. Fantastiskt fint skrivet, och han är verkligen fantastiskt fin. Det ser ut som om ni har jättefint hemma, vore kul att få se lite mer även om jag förstår om det känns lite privat!

  5. Lovely pictures! What cake are you having?

  6. Happy Birthday, Sweet sweet Leon <3 And I count this magical day as another birthday for your Beloved Mother: Stina, who became a Mother of Two Sweethearts on this date one year ago, and your Beloved Father, who became a Father of Two Sweethearts :) God Bless You all!

  7. Truly beautiful photos, so natural and warm! A very Happy Birthday to Leon!! :)

    1. Hi Deidre, thank you so much for your kind words recently. They really made my day :-)
      Thank you again, dear Stina, for letting me say this. Hugs to you both! B(eatrice)

  8. And we the readers of your blog also remember little Leon's birth like it was yesterday as we waited in anticipation with you while enjoying your stylish pregnancy!Happy birthday to your beautiful child!

  9. Du har världens sötaste barn! Helt ljuvliga. Njut av varje stund med dem. De växer så fort.