Thursday, August 7, 2014

Practical style

Hi everyone! 
Hope you're doing fine in Europe, US, Australia, East or wherever you are located! We've had tropical heat in Stockholm the past weeks and I love heat and pure sun, but since its also been very humid we've had some nasty storms in the middle of it and very warm humid weather gets tiring after a while. One is never satisfied with the weather, right? All I wear and feel like wearing now is easy going things that is suitable for warm days and two energetic boys.
This one I wore the other day I loved. So casual, yet practical!
If I look tired you've spotted the correct feeling of me! Someone commented that I have very small eyes and wrote a whole essay of how small they were (i didn't publish it of course, it was too stupid) - I think it's the only time in my LIFE that I've heard someone saying my eyes are small. Normally I hear how big, dark blue eyes I have (i think they are just normal). It might be because I always get photographed in sunlight or daylight and that naturally makes me squeeze my eyes a little, or it's because I'm tired now-a-days or I have have no bloody idea. Who cares. Just thought it was a weird comment and I had problem relate to it.

(top: old Isabel Marant, shorts: Topshop, sandals: Hermés & bag: Chanel)


  1. But who looks att your eyes when you've got such killer legs? Pilates?

  2. Sweetheart- how peaceful you look and so utterly happy in Love with Life <3 God Bless You!

  3. how silly! sometimes you just have to laugh @ people's insults.
    you could wear a garbage bag and look beautiful.

  4. Hi beautiful, big blue eyes....
    Here, rain, humidity sometime hot, simetimes a bit fresh aleady people sick a d we had no summer at all!! No pool nothing... DEPRESSING. happily we leave for few fays quite often and very soon for Greece. Otherwise very difficult to bear that. i already bought winter clothes...
    Big hugs. For me I dont noticed that you look tired even you feel it.

  5. Actually, lovely to see your face without sun glasses.Your eyes are small but perfectly in proportion to your beautiful face.

  6. Some people just can't help themselves - with their comments. This is when the 'delete' button comes in very handy!

    We have had some very hot days too (Massachusetts, USA). Although yesterday and today we are told there is an arctic vortex above us and there is some lovely coolness with bright sunshine.

    To solve our hot humid summer issue, we installed heat pumps in our home. They are energy efficient and keep temperatures inside nice and cool. They also provide heat during the cold winter months. I recommend them highly.

    Looking forward to Autum - Susan

  7. Your eyes are lovely. Haters gonna hate.

    Affection from New Orleans

  8. Hi Stina,
    I really admire your dense connective tissue! Is this just by nature or have you any advice (except Pilates - I'm doing this for years)?

    Thanks and have a nice weekend!

  9. Small eyes? How absolutely ridiculous! That person is obviously jealous and hates their own life. You have a most beautiful face, figure, attitude to people and life and are a most wonderful mother. Love your blog and your calm way of looking at the world.