Monday, August 25, 2014


We haven't been on top this weekend and had to cancel some longed for guests which had planes to come and sleep over. Guldknappen was having their fiesta and now the start has come to Fashionweek for this year.
Last year I had just given birth to little Leon (yes, this little sunshine turns one tomorrow ♥) and the year before I was living and breathing the air in Switzerland. I will try to attend a few shows this year, with Leon though if it's possible since I have no babysitter really.
Let's just get ourself back on track now since both me and the children has caught a nasty cold. Life still goes on with two small ones at home and this is a sneak on what I was wearing today when we did our best to burn some energy in the city. Got so many compliments (from men mostly) it was almost ridiculous. It's such a simple outfit, not super feminine, yet I love it. The shoes with the black socks give it all a preppy look which I sort of have fun with!


  1. Wishing you and your gorgeous little ones a speedy recovery!
    x, Suzanne
    P.S. Can't wait to see the entire outfit :)

  2. I hope You´ll get well very soon.
    It´s fun and liberating to dress in various styles. I do it as well - it makes me feel creative with my wardrobe (and sometimes my husband´s) and not humdrum!

    Could I please ask about peelings? I love to exfoliate my skin, my skin looks nice but absolutely not perfect - I would like to make the pores I got on my nose and cheeks disappear! My skin is combination and I have tried Diamond peel. What would you recommend me? Im 39 years old, but hardly any wrinkles.
    Best Lina

    1. Thank you,

      A truly look to elaborate with styles, I think it's fun and one needs to step out of their comfort zone from time to time.

      I would recommend a chemical peeling with high level of glycol acid! Then I would start using some good medical products and from time to time do IPL with the yellow light!


  3. We dont see how you are dressed only shoes that we have never seen on you.
    Happy birthday to little Leon