Friday, August 8, 2014

WEDNESDAY LIST - a la my man

So I though that it would be fun if this weeks WEDNESDAY LIST ( i know, they NEVER arrive the correct day) was instead some of the questions you've asked here and there about my mans thoughts about how I dressed and my style.

It's well known since forever that men normally loves when women are dressed in tight or ultra feminine clothes like dresses and high heels. Not all men of course, but generally.
I'm often bored of tight and "close to my skin" kind of dresses. The modern and very fashionable Streetstyle way of dressing, brought to us in never ending variations from the very popular street photographers - not seldom shows a more masculine way of dressing for women. I find it very liberating since being a woman is more in the personality, the way you move, carry yourself, your view of life personal style and how you passionately indulge it. Probably also for the fact that it gives more freedom to play with my children and have a normal everyday life with them ... For me, clothes and style reflects a personal feeling and a will to express; sometimes I want to be super sensual and feminine, other times more boyish or easy going since I actually feel even more sexy, cool and free with it!

But it's the same with many popular designers like Isabel Marant, Saint Laurent, Alexander Wang, IRO to just name a few. They enhance the more masculine, androgen, rough sexual side of us with shapes, cuts and fabrics not always understood by a normal man.
I like it, but with a hint of femininity else it gets too rough. Point is - our men doesn't always get it and since I'm playing with different styles depending on what I feel like that day, I thought it could be fun to dig deeper into what my man really think about the way I dressed.
Thank you for the questions dear readers! 

So these questions my man answered earlier today!

1. How would you describe Stina's style?
Stina's style is chic, a little osé, generally unusual and most of all colourful. Where I come from, it's the first thing that I really noticed. Also, she doesn't just wear clothes, she cherishes them and embellishes the whole outfit.

2. What did she wear the night you first meet?
The first night we met, if I remember correctly, she was wearing a leopard dress and the studded Louboutin's... a tall Stina as I call it these days. I know she'll contest this, but I have an image of a first impression hair down on her way to the place's cloakroom.
(*there were no studded Louboutin, but a pair of Sergio Rossi boots, very different looking ha ha ha. Nor did I have my hair down, I had it in a knot like always ... After a couple of hours it might have been pulled down and be all over the place though, blink.)

3. What do you think others think about Stina's style, is it different from your friends girlfriends/wife's styles?
Her style is definitely different from my previous relationships: more elaborate, more thought through, but also quite a notch further up. I'm not too sure what other think about her style, but to me she always stands out and will go where others don't: that can be interpreted both good and bad. 

4. What do you like most when Stina is wearing for A: everyday, B. party or going out?
The everyday is very... common and mainstream, especially at home. As soon as she walks out the door though, she'll make an effort to dress, even if it involves the kids. Nowadays, she focuses on form and functionality rather than appearance in those circumstances, but it's always carefully picked nevertheless. 
I (of course) prefer when she's ready for going out or a party... it's always a pleasure and never dull.

5. What is the most flattering part of her body and how do you like here to enhance it?
That's a bit of a tricky question, but I'll try to answer honestly nevertheless. I absolutely love her face and her figure in general, but I have a preference for her arms (not to mention the rump).

6. What don't you like at all when she is wearing?
There is no general rule of what I don't like what she wears; it's just a feeling I get that it's "too much" or inappropriate or too weird of a mix for my taste.

7. Which is your favourite: dress, bag, shoes, coat in Stina's closet?
My favourite dress must be the Diane von Furstenberg leopard dress that she wore in the sicilian salinas, although that one is really hard to pick. My favourite bag is the white Chanel with a string net around it that we got in West Palm Beach. My favourite shoes are probably her studded Louboutin's although I do love the Valentino's that I've offered her. My favourite coat... hmmm, haven't seen coats on lately! I would say her leather jacket: it brings out a "rough" touch that is unexpected.
(*I think he refers to this DVF dress but mix it up with this Greta leopard dress, that's the look he loved I remember from our Sicily trip.)

8. Does she listen to you when she gets dressed or buy something new?
Not when she gets dressed, but she will ask for advice when getting new things, ... sometimes ...;-)

9. How has her style/way of dressing changed since you meet and since she became a stay at home mother?
It has evolved to become more of a practical approach to styling: high heels with a pram are somewhat inappropriate and impractical. that doesn't mean that the effort is lacking though, quite on the contrary. But you have no idea how much she'll enjoy getting ready for our rare occasions out!

10. What would you like her to buy next time she is buying something? (Clothes, bag, shoes).
That's a very good question... I think we're slowly ripe for a bag, although those are probably the more complex items to choose. If I may be cheeky, I would say lingerie!

11. What would you like her to wear more often?
Now that's something I haven't though of before... I must say I don't have any special demands at the moment :-)



  1. Arh, Stina - din mand lyder så sød, kærlig og humoristisk. Du er meget heldig og I er heldige at have hinanden.


  2. I loved reading this, what thoughtful answers from your handsome man! Big thank you to him and to you for sharing.
    You inspire me to dress with a bit more interest and fun. As it should be :)

    1. Dani, both you and Stina are wonderful, I wish I could make half the effort.

  3. Love love love this post! So fun to read. You and M are a wonderful couple.

  4. It's incredible how M has been patient to answer all that and the result is in fact, he loves you, dress or not, nude or not and well in fact he just loves you and is proud of you in any ways...
    May be he had'nt found before you, so sophisticated ladies..
    Gorgeous picture of you two "les amoureux"!

  5. Great to hear M's voice! I loved his answers, you two are a gorgeous couple :-)

  6. My husband would never have this much to say! He loves me most in jeans and a sweatshirt which always makes me wonder why I dress up! He says I'm more approachable then and less ' going out, no don't touch me" !
    The line about your rump made me laugh out loud and your little italics are testament to the passion which I can see coursing through your relationship.


  7. Badinage Why dont you show yourself through your blog it would be nice to see once your face and style.

  8. Hej Stina!

    Jag har en fråga som är viktigt för mig, just nu är jag höggravid och ska föda om ca 2 veckor,
    jag har fått bristningar på nedre delen av magen och på sidorna! Redan nu vill jag kunna veta ifall det finns något man kan göra eller finns det inga behandlar mot bristningar!
    Hoppas du kan tipsa mig om något! skulle vara jätte snällt!


  9. genial¡¡¡¡¡¡ muy divertida esta entrevista,ustedes hacen una pareja maravillosa¡¡¡¡felicidades-Isabel desde España-

  10. Thanks to both of you! Love this post! You are such à lovely couple.

  11. Oh, this was fun to read! And also shows that M has en interest in clothes etc. I don´t think many men know the girls brands, but I might be wrong?! And you can tell he enjoys your way to dress, as do we who read your blog. Also head on that you do not only wear clothes, that is so true. Very nice! Looking forward to your take on his style. Favourites, less good etc. //Laila

  12. Hi Stina, can we have a look of you in M's favorite dress - the DVF in leopard print please?

  13. I really would like to know which kind of physical girls M had before you ? Same ?
    Ask him.

    1. "physical girls"?? the command"ask him"!! Where do you think you are lady?What do you think you are anyway to write in such a rude manner? Ask yourself: do I know privacy?Do I know how to behave on a blog??:)

  14. Oh, what a lovely post! I loved reading it.

  15. Nice post Stina. Sorry if this is a weird question, are you still friends with Taru? I found your blog through hers, she had pics of you and M and I liked your fashion.