Thursday, September 4, 2014

In a different light

So life goes on and with two small children whom still needs exactly the same things from me, no matter if i'm on crushes or not, Is a huge relief that my foot is healing as well as it does. My body has less pain in general and the bruises is slowly fading away on my legs. Today I could put a pair of comfy loafers on and walk the streets with M (limping) but else almost effortless. THAT my dear readers - is freedom. To be able to move without pain or other form of disabilities, I'm humble. I could have broken both of my legs and been in a wheelchair for three month. Knowing me, I would have gone both insane, depressed and crazy.
Both children are now in pre-school a couple of hours per day and so we took the advantage to do some fun things in the city, walking slowly.
Tonight we're packing because tomorrow we're off to Geneva for lots of fun! I'm trying on different choices to wear both with flats and very low heels if my foot allows.

Talk soon!

(fur jacket: Prada, t-shirt: COS, pants: Chloe & bag: Chanel)


  1. Yes, a simple stress free life is everything.
    So glad you are healing well ...both boys at pre school - I remember both births as if it was yesterday, oh boy, tempus fugit.


  2. That certainly is the challenge of motherhood; 'the children need the same from parents, no matter what'. Well said. You must have been in a terrible shock for a couple of days. Keep recovering. Go a little bit easy. Xxx

  3. Glad to hear you are up and about. Big hugs to those gorgeous babies. Thank God they are well!