Sunday, September 14, 2014

LINDEX 60 years

So we arrived early lunchtime to Gothenburg after Lindex gave us a whole fashion train full with people who would be there for their fashion show and party to celebrate them turning 60 years old and being better and stronger then ever plus combining it with the wonderful collection with Jean Paul Gaultier.
I haven't been to Gothenburg in many years and was very happily surprised. The Clarion Post hotel was truly amazing with it's very international feeling and grandiose volume with focus on details.
My jumpsuit, custom made to fit me to perfection! I LOVED it, it felt so retro, so sexy yet comfortable and very easy to wear. With high heels it's just splendid!
Relaxing with a Gin'n Tonic on the pool terrace. Some of us actually bathed, but I had forgot my swim suit so I stayed watching the roof view over the city and chatted with some friends. I'm completely dressed in my favourite autumn look, all Jean Paul Gaultier for Lindex, released the 8th of October. The grey sweater is just so chic with the zippers and the pants - well I've worn them about ten times already. Says a lot!
My make up and details. The Recovery cream from Akademiklinikens own line is always with me since I tried it. It won a prestigious price not long time ago.
Silver and black in Roger Vivier and Christian Louboutin.
So these two days was ... indescribable. The fashion show beat all shows during the swedish Fashion week and the clothes in it as well. We sat front row at the best seats and It felt international, luxurious, well thought through, street style easy, nice cuts and wonderful shades and cuts. The models where top notch with models like Karen Elson, Caroline Winberg, Izabel Goulart, Frida Gustafsson etc etc and the artist playing was so good! Jean Paul Gaultier was there himself and it was a night I will remember forever.
Lindex made everything to really pamper us and make us feel special and appreciated. We dance like crazy in the midnight hours and just had so much fun. Thank you again Lindex, Mathilda and Filippa, Michael Bindefeld AB etc etc!

Only problem now is that I want at least ten of the garments! Big craving!!!!

(Both Susanne & Frida is also completely dressed in Lindex)


  1. Not very nice the backstage. You are pretty as usual.

  2. Hej Stina!

    Tack för en otroligt inspirerande blogg. Jag älskar din stil och dina tankar kring livet med allt vad det innebär. Jag har följt dig länge nu och du har varit en stor inspirationskälla för mig när jag nu äntligen satsade och startade Jag älskar mode, inredning och allt som inspirerar mig visuellt, kika gärna in. Stort lycka till med allt du tar dig för! Kram Johanna

    1. Wow, well done! Another fab page to follow!

  3. Dear Stina, I loved reading through this. How utterly fabulous!! That first photo had me mesmerised!
    The jumpsuit is the cutest. And those leopard rock-studs....
    Thank you for taking us along. x:D

    1. Thank you the kindest! I loved what I wore for sure! So 90's glam!

  4. What an interssant life beginning ( say another one) plus your familly's loves.
    Bravo dear Stina to move so much to find all ways to conciliate all. I admire your determination and as everything suits you, your are stunning on each clothes.
    Hugs. Uta

    1. Thank you Uta, yes it's anew chapter for sure and I love it but trying to find a nice balance now between my career and life as a mother! Don't wanna miss out on the most precious time with my boys either1