Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pierre Robert - merino wool

So what do we put on our children when the temperatures drop? Both of my kids hate bulky and too thick layers and that's why I bought some under clothing in the excellent material merino wool from Pierre Robert. It's thin, super warm, don't scratch on the skin and is breathable. Wool provides natural warmth and comfort and keeps small bodes warm even if the garment gets wet.
Now both Alexis and Leon has a full set each and I already tried them and they do work. Perfect for kindergarden and when playing outside.


  1. I love merino wool; my mother used to knit it when we were young. It's very soft and underrated I think when everybody talks about Cachemire.

  2. I am glad that the world is discovering Merino. We have known about it in Australia for years. Best base layer ever!

  3. Merino wool garments are gorgeous to wear. I have some myself for winter and love to wear them with pyjama pants to bed. Not so sexy but warm and they breathe so you don’t get too hot or prickly. Good for around the house with jeans and keep out the cold when gardening or at the park if its not cold enough for a coat but still chilly. Kate

  4. How lucky your kids are that they get to wear luxurious, soft, and comfortable clothes, while playing.

    When I was a kid in the 70s, I wore whatever clothes there were at home. Odd colors ja fabrics, bright orange and green stripes on a shirt that made me itch. Now some moms in Finland pay good money for old clothes like that, they call them "retro", and "fashionable".

    Thanks to my depressing fashion history as a child, I now understand, why I have mostly black in my wardrobe, with no patterns. But I suddenly felt the need to look online for soft, warm things for the winter. :)

    Thank you for the message, Stina. Brought back memories, why I also love comfortable clothes.

  5. What a beautiful living room.

  6. Merino wool is nice material. I have made many socks to my kids from it. Even here in California they like to sleep with their mami-made woolen socks:)

    But here you seem to find only cashmere from shops when it is about warm clothing with wool. I just bought some cashmere knits from Bloomingdales because mornings are surprisingly could even in a day time it seem to be always about +23.

    In Europe I used for kids always Ruskovilla from Finland (silk and wool) and than was also that German brand, can't get a name...anyway, that German brand was very popular also in The Netherlands and in Berlin;) Pierre Robert is a new brand for me but it's always nice to hear about some brands that I have never heard before!

  7. Merino wool reminds me souvenirs from my childhood. So sweet and warm.

  8. I have this last winter bought My Beloved Princess´s Merino from "WoolPower" and they are super. Have not tried Pierre Robert though. Big hug <3

  9. Hej :) jag är jätte intresserad av att göra fillersinjektioner i näsan för att få den att se mindre ut har en knöl på den (om det är möjligt) hur gör jag för att komma i kontakt med dig angående det.
    Med vänliga hälsningar Stina:)

  10. Hej ursäkta om jag ä jobbigt men undrar hur jag kan komma i kontakt med dig för att göra fillersinjektioner hos dig//Stina

    1. Stina finns på Akademikliniken :)
      hälsningar en annan läsare, Berit