Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Can't wait to get back to Stockholm Pilates Center and my Pilates.

Since the accident I haven't been able to do any and now it's a puzzle trying to fit in two times Pilates per week without taking more time away from the children which I already do by working now. I love Pilates, I love how my body changed into this miracle machine since i started and I've never been so proud over it as I was when I was doing it regular. It's truly amazing, all the talk around this special training form really lives up to it all.

I wish you all to start and feeling the improvement in mind and body. On Saturday I'll go there again and hopefully my body will be fit for fight to start again after a couple of weeks break.

How do you fit in training with job and a family life?


  1. I love exercise, but the simple answer is that you can't. I worked long hours while my kids were growing up and now really regret not seeing them in the intimate way that you do when you are with them all of the time. My only consolation, was that we needed the cash, so being home just wasn't an option, but I don't think I would be as reconciled with that now if I had voluntarily chosen to be away from them. They are little for such a small amount of time, may be get some exercise DVDs and get them to join you, mine always found that hilarious!

    1. My suggestion too. Since you already know what to do, you could work with a DVD @ home or get a private trainer at home.

  2. my husband takes care ...

  3. Impossible it's a choice....

  4. Jag mår bara bra om jag tränar. Och då är det värt att vara borta från barnen den timman.
    Dels så tar ju självklart min man hand om barnen, men när det inte går pga han är på tjänstesa så utnyttjar jag barnpassningen på gymmet. När vi båda jobbar så brukar jag träna innan jobbet, tidigt, tidigt, eller på lunchen. På helgerna brukar vi åka ut till någon Friluftsgård, jag springer, barnen leker med sin pappa och så fikar vi i solen tillsammans efter.

  5. when I was clocking 8 hours of exercise a week and working 4 days a week I had to give up reading and gardening, and I often got up at 5 am to exercise. You can do it all but you have to be very disciplined and juggle like mad. I'm not exercising as much these days and focussing on gardening and reading books. It's all about balance and prioritising what is important x

  6. Går upp 05 för en pw/löprunda, 3-4 ggr/vecka.

  7. I do my exercises in the evening when my son sleeps. Of course then you have less time with your hubby but I guess we can't have it all....but we are also not working out every night, right ;-)