Monday, September 22, 2014


A calm and beautiful walk with the whole family around our area. The kids are a little bit better and we had a cosy day just strolling around, doing hardly anything. How I love autumn. The warm colours of perfection in a impeccable combination with the air and the sun. Feeding some ducks at the beach, playing around ...


  1. Dear Stina.
    I have a big problem with my I phone. I Pad, my comments do not arrive to you. So I try once more this time with PC at home to see if you receive.
    It's really bad if it does not go with the other.

  2. Hi Stina!
    I really love your sunglasses on the pictures above - could you please tell me, which brand they are?
    Thanks a lot,

  3. Hi, I am curious about your work, how you came into this field, if it is not to personal? When did you know that this is what you wanted to work with? Or was it "by accident" (slumpen) that you begun with esthetics? Have you worked in other jobs too, or did you always know that this was something you enjoyed working with? As I said, I am just curious, not in this field at all myself. But also since you seem really enjoying going back to work, and I find that most people do not... Really like your going to work outfits by the way. Simple, but with nice twists. Have a nice week! Laila

    1. No not at all1 I wanted to be a doctor or a Nurse, but also wanted to work with fashion, at the time as a designer and I started first with some fashion education classes in tailoring etc, but realized (back at the time) that it would be hard to earn money in the fashion industry. So I went to med school/nursing school and when I was done i was handpicked for a new clicmi that was just about to open. They had seen me dressed in school and thought I had an eye for the aesthetic and gave me all educations for free. After that I've worked at different clinics, got more educations and here I am! It combines my need for knowledge in medicine and the human body as well as the design, aesthetic view and good eye for what suits a person.

      Best, stina