Monday, September 8, 2014

Travel wear with a baby

Traveling with one kid under, let's say five years old is always interesting. Traveling with children under three years can not only be "interesting" but also frustrating and very tiring. Alexis is so much easier now, and in worst case I just put an Ipad in front of him with a film and he's fine or explain why he can't pull the hair of the person in front. He will understand, at least for ten minutes and then might try it again of course but you get the picture - he is just easier in the sense that he learnt the very important lesson about consequences
Leon in the other way is quite something and in the phase where the world is just around he's wanting and personal needs then and there, which is also as it should and perfectly normal of course. Easily bored and so social and bubbly, he refuse to sit still in my knee and therefor one have to dress accordingly. Some people might not find this composition be appropriate, but I find it perfect except that the blouse maybe should have been in darker colour to make it more practical.

When we travelled back, I had the same pants, coat and bag but changed to a white simple t-shirt from Cos and boots from Isabel Marant. I move easily on the airplane, nothing really gets ruined and I feel comfortable yet tres cool. Blink.

(stina - coat: Chanel, blouse: Mango, leather pants: Jean Paul Gaultier for Lindex (in store 8th of Oct), red ballets: Chanel & bag: Hermés Birkin ♥ Leon - cat sweater and pants with suspenders: Lindex kids)


  1. I just discovered Lindex in Finland and loved it ! I know you said you wouldn't have touched it with a barge pole before but honestly, their clothes don't look as cheap as cheap clothes here in France !

  2. Oh that boy that cutest little one he sounds just like my 13 months old son. Leon is just so adorable, I can't help but love him! <3

    We're flying to Thailand from Finland, 11- and 12-hour flights, and I wonder are there any people left alive after those flights, haha! We're not allowed to fly in business class since there's under 2-year-old with us, so we're flying in comfort, I just have to wish there's enough of activities for our littlest one... Fingers crossed ;)

  3. Spännande med första dagen efter så lång tid. Nya kollegor, nya lokaler, ny arbetsgivare. Ser fram emot dina gå till jobbet outfits. Lycka till! MVH Laila

  4. So perfect Stina in any occasion. It'a about what I wear when travelling but you have a real real good taste for all occasions. You should had worked with fashion world . Beauty world also corresponds to you but fashion is completely your way. Leon too cute into the chariot...
    Big hugs

  5. I usually travel in jeans & t-shirt and flats plus a small bag that can be put across the body. I think you look great - I would not be able to pull off such a glam look, I'm constantly on the floor or with stuff being spilt on me... I look a mess after even 2.5hrs on the flight (I've done the LHR-ARN many times alone with baby) xxxxx ps. My boy doesn't sit still either, I am v jealous of friends whose kids are so calm and can quietly sit in one place for ages Maja

  6. Lucky with your Chanel!s coat Stina not my size in all France and Geneva!!!!!
    I really like it very much! Tant pis