Monday, September 22, 2014

Why so quiet?

Good Evening Dear readers! 
I feel you so quiet since a couple of weeks back?! It's so much more fun and inspiring when we have a chat/conversation/feedback approach here and I know ... I'm spoiled with A LOT of intelligent, fun and interesting readers and often receive many thoughts and feedback from you, so I miss your comments when they are not as many and flowy as normal!
Please make yourself heard! Even if I can't always answer right away, I do as soon as I find time after all! Autumn is here and I can't wait to show you my 2014 autumn looks! The more I feel you the more I deliver, it's the natural flow of human, we need fuel to perform!


  1. Jag har bokat tiiid hos dig idagna och jag är så glad så glad! Mitt trötta småbarnsmammeansikte ska äntligen få lite kärlek! SÅ glad att du är back in business. C

  2. I very often visit your blog but very seldom comment, sorry for that! I will try and comment more often. You almost always inspire me with your outfits and I love that you don't dress the same as every other person does. As for the outfit above, I love it, a light blue shirt is one of my favorite garment and it goes very well with the grey.

    Best regards, Astridur.

  3. Our beloved Stina- I can only talk for me when I say that I am really spoiled getting daily awesome inspiration á la "Guldkant" and I feel humbled that you deliver so much to me as your reader when your 24 hours is obviously a secret passway to a 26 hour day :) It´s beyond me how you can create such a blog with as high quality as yours :) when you live life as fullest as you do. Love your autumn wear in each picture and the ones where I/we get a glimpse of your princes are even more heartwarming. All and all: a big Thank You and I love all your beautiful pictures from the bottom of my heart and great posts. Big love from Täby.

  4. Maybe everyone was trying to give you some peace until it was clear you were feeling 100% better. I'm sure we're all still reading!

  5. Love the long vest / sleeveless jacket. I've been thinking about getting one also. Would love your thoughts on other ways to style it - maybe for work in an office, out for drinks with husband, taking preschooler on play date.
    By the way, I'm L in the US. About your same age, with a preschooler. Often read, don't often comment. will try to comment more....

  6. Stina it's so true that a blog writer really does benefit so much from good comments... and I'm guilty of not commenting lately even though I read all of your posts. I've been run off of my feet planning a house renovation and packing up so I can move my family out for 5 weeks while the worst of the work is being done. Lots of work but also fun... anyway I'm loving your outfits these days and it is so interesting to see you back at work and juggling it all.
    I think you're doing a great job with all of it though I was going to comment on your work-out post, I found it impossible to get to gyms when my kids were small, I found a great dvd that is a combination of ballet/pilates/strength training, it is Canadian and if you'd like a cd send me an email and I'll mail one to you, truly you would love it!
    I promise I'll be less quiet, quiet is boring as we know!

  7. Hello, Stina. I discovered your gorgeous blog recently and have been enjoying it. Looking forward to seeing your Autumn looks.

  8. Beautiful outfit. The two shades of blue make a wonderful combination and the yellow bag just pops. Spectacular combination. A real Autum look. I love the way you combine color and outfit pieces. Genius! Thank you for sharing. Susan

  9. I'm here! :-)
    I can't wait to see your Autumn looks (I *love* this time of year too). This is another gorgeous outfit, you look amazing. You're very inspiring on so many levels!

  10. Hello Stina! Love your style and I´m anxicous to see what you have created for the autum looks :) Wishing you all the best! p.s Where the black boots in the previous post Stuart Weitzmans?

  11. Hi Stina,

    I've been reading your blog for years now, but I don't usually write comments, and the reason: I'm just so lazy. I'm sorry to say that I just like to take a peek at what you are doing every day, and then I can continue with my life. :) I usually wake up and comment, when you say something drastic, or something has happened to you, like your car accident.

    I love your sense of color, the way you combine things, and am always, always amazed how you manage to get so much done in a day, or in a year even. I'm exhausted just by my normal life, what to buy from the grocery store after work, and then, lounging on the sofa.

    (I did finish my University Degree last year, so I've been taking it really slow during my free time, apart from the usual chores, the cleaning, the cooking...)

    I love the color combo above, I was thinking about buying a really red bag, but, hm, didn't. :)

    Have a great work week:)

  12. Hi Stina, greetings from Indonesia!
    I'm reading your blog since 1 week ago, i googled alma LV and found your blog which brought lots of inspirations to me not just in fashion area but also in parenting and lesson of live. Implan to read your blog til the very beginning of your writings.
    Get well soon and keep on writing...

  13. Stina,

    I would love to see and read more in your blog on home decoration, your interior styles and kids rooms and kids stuff. Bests!
    (I myself am a quiet reader since I;ve got 2 small ones that occupy most of my free time, but I read your blog a lot and enjoy every bit)

  14. My dearest Stina, I definitely have a problem with the sending of my comments with my I Pad, Phone and if I dont write from my fixe computer, as now, it does not arrive to you. So until this problem will be
    resolved I will send you my comment from here at home but it's not practicle at all, because I travel a lot.
    So I will read you each morning as usual, and if you dont receive a comment dont worry I am always with you and your blog that I loooove.
    They made some changes at Apple and since then some app have disapeared and mainly I cannot answer to the blogs.
    So early this morning I was saying that I like very much the blue on you with the long coat without sleeves (in resumé).
    They have to find what's happen because I get mad....
    Hugs Uta

  15. Stina, I am a silent reader and your blog is one of the few that I truly enjoy. Have not commented before because of the many things that keep me occupied. I admire and am amazed at how you are able to balance your life with so much passion and energy and love reading about your family, your daily life, career, travels and fashion.

  16. Hittade för ett par år sedan ett fantastiskt recept i din blogg på en enkel med ack så god tonfisk pasta med kapris! Åt den senast idag :) En av mina favoriträtter numera! Tack för det!

  17. Hi Stina,
    sorry to comment so seldom...I will try to improve on this matter!
    Thank you for your wonderful blog!!!!! I'm happy whenever you post something, so forgive me, that I don't give you the feedback you deserve...

  18. Hello Stina,

    I think your pictures make us speechless, such great style all the time!Are you going to add any new items to your vintage store soon?

  19. I read your blog daily but there is not much time for comments (that's bad) I know...

  20. Hi,

    I have been a silent reader of your blog for a few years now! I try to comment from time to time, but the last few months I've just enjoyed your beautiful photos!

    I love reading your blog and the insight it gives us into your thoughts and life. You seem like such an amazing human being, and I'm so glad we get a glimpse into your life through this blog! Thank you :-)

    Have a nice day!

    xx Tarand Marie